Gonçalo Amaral still has much to reveal about Kate and Gerry McCann

McCanns had informant inside the PJ - TvMais

A PJ inspector supplied confidential information to Metodo 3 concerning the movements that the Judiciária and the British policemen made on the terrain, searching for Maddie

by Hernâni Carvalho

The accusation is brought forward by one of the agents from Metodo 3, the Spanish detective agency that the McCanns hired, and was made during an interview that journalist Duarte Levy recorded for Belgian television. According to said Metodo 3 agent, the privileged information that the McCanns held were always delivered by an inspector who “benefits from a certain protection at the Judiciária in Faro” and by informants that are connected to the British Embassy.

The PJ investigators’ most confidential movements were always monitored by the McCanns or by their entourage. The information reached them through an informant from inside the PJ of Faro itself. The man from Metodo 3 goes as far as stating that numerous initiatives by Amaral’s men were known before time due to the alleged informant.

“That was the information that allowed for us to known in advance what inspector Amaral and his colleagues intended to do”, the Spanish private detective said. The interview was videotaped in Spain a few days ago and will be part of a documentary about Maddie’s disappearance that the journalist is preparing. In Belgium, the case continues to raise much interest and discussion. During that interview, the Metodo 3 agent identifies the man from the PJ in Faro. The Spanish detective states that he always knew that the investigation was condemned. And he explains that he always knew in advance about the purposes of the actions and diligences that were carried out by Gonçalo Amaral’s team.

The detective says that he tried to speak with the coordinator of the investigation at the PJ (Gonçalo Amaral), but the latter replied that, whatever he had to declare or to denounce, he should do it in an official manner.

During the interview, the detective explains that he wasn’t hired to search for Maddie and that he never did that. He says that was not his mission. His mission, he says, was to carry out actions that would direct the authorities that were responsible for the investigation and the search for Maddie, into Morocco or Spain. And that he says he did.

The detective advances that the McCann couple never asked him to lie, but that he cannot say the same about the McCanns’ team, or Metodo 3’s team.

When contacted by tvmais, Gonçalo Amaral says that he knows what we are talking about, but that he believes this is not the time for clarifications. The former coordinator of the PJ’s investigation about Maddie says he is still waiting for the lawsuit that the McCanns threatened him with, and at that time he will have much to say or to reveal. Another book…

source: TvMais, 12.11.2008, paper edition

by astro on Joana Morais