Gonçalo Amaral: The Maddie Affair: The parents did it

The Coordinator in the case of the missing British girl Madeleine McCann has no doubts: The parents were involved.

The parents have previously been the main suspects in the case of the missing British girl Madeleine McCann. The retired PJ coordinator in the case is not in doubt. They were involved, he said.

The case is full of contradictions, but everything suggests that the parents were involved in the matter. Evidence suggests that this was an accident, "said the former PJ Coordinator Gonçalo Amaral to

He is currently in Copenhagen to promote his book about the case. He does not hide the fact that parents are involved.

- There was a third person involved, but there are at least two people who know what happened. I suspect that they are the ones who have hidden the body, says the former PJ investigator, who is in Copenhagen with his wife, Sofia Leal.

'Will contribute to the truth'

Gonçalo Amaral has written the book to give his version of the truth, after he was removed from the case last October and then defamed in the media for his wrong handling of the case.

He is sure that Maddie is dead.

- I hope that the full truth one day comes forward so we can get to know everything that happened that night.

'I have made errors'

He has had to endure the criticism as the lead Investigator, in an interview with he admits that he has made mistakes in the matter.

- I've never felt that it was my fault that the case was not solved. There has, of course, been mistakes in the investigation, but the book can help to get some truths forward, and I hope it continues to contribute until one knows the whole truth," said Gonçalo Amaral.

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