Gonçalo Amaral is the visible target the McMafia's want to 'take down' for trying to find their neglected three year old daughter Madeleine


Júlia Pinheiro (J), Duarte Levy (DL), Paulo Sargento (PS)

Júlia Pinheiro: And now, something that is confusing us all. Happening in the courthouse in Faro, the trial of a group of inspectors and ex-inspectors of the Polícia Judiciária accused of torturing Leonor Cipriano, who was condemned for murdering her daughter, Joana, as we all remember.

What should have lasted two days has become a marathon. All because of an accusation against Gonçalo Amaral, the number one enemy of the McCanns, who was, step-by-step, coordinating the [Maddie] case. It’s a story that deserves our attention and reflection and, perhaps, shows a connection between the two processes.

Because of this, we’ve invited two specialists, known to all of us here at “Afternoons with Júlia”, the journalist, Duarte Levy, and the criminal-psychologist, Paulo Sargento. Applause for them, please.

OK, let’s try to understand: What does one case have to do with the other? The Joana Case, in which her mother, Leonor Cipriano, was condemned, happened before the Maddie Case.

Duarte Levy: Obviously.

J: Obviously. So what do they have to do with each other?

DL: The connection is Gonçalo Amaral. He continues to be, even though he has now left the PJ, a person who “inconveniences” many people. Not just the McCanns, but he also inconveniences many people in Portugal. And in this process, which appears to be connected to [police] brutality, he is the one who is – please excuse the expression - the man to take down. He is the visible target.

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"At the end of May, Sofia, my wife, comes to the Department of Criminal Investigation, in Portimão, with a beautiful basket with flowers. Orchids, roses, gerberas, lilacs, ornated with butterflies and birds, a whole bunch on green and yellow, the colors that symbolized the search for Madeleine. A note from my daughters was with the flowers: "Father! We love you very much, don’t forget us, but find Madeleine." Rita & Inês (Amaral, 2008:147)



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