General Medical Council takes action over paediatrician who failed Baby P

"A GMC spokesman said: “This doctor is not facing a formal allegation. This is an ongoing investigation. The Interim Order Panel has the power to suspend or restrict a doctor’s practice while an investigation is ongoing. Dr Al-Zayyat has now had her medical licence restricted by the General Medical Council while a complaint against her is investigated. For privacy reasons no details of this complaint can be released. But the conditions mean all Dr Al-Zayyat’s work must be supervised by a consultant and she can only work for the NHS as a middle-grade paediatrician. She is also forbidden from taking up any further locum positions of less than three months. These restrictions are imposed for 18 months or until a Fitness to Practice Hearing, at a date to be decided."
Source: Haringey Independent

There, that'll teach her for sending home a baby with a broken back and broken ribs saying she couldn't examine him because he was miserable and cranky and probably had a cold.

Wouldn't she be miserable and cranky if she'd got a broken back and ribs? Ok, so maybe she didn't spot the broken back and ribs, or that he was paralysed, but what about Baby P's ear that was torn and hanging from his head?

I wonder if any restrictions have been placed on Dr Gerry McCann? The one who is believed to be involved in the demise and concealment of his own daughter? Who knows though, because as the GMC quite clearly stated in this case "For privacy reasons no details of this complaint can be released".

It would seem no lessons were learned from the Harold Shipman saga but the tragedy is that children and babies are being caught up in their continuing incompetence and disgraceful 'head in sand' approach to child abuse.

Or is it because if they suspended all suspicious and dodgy doctors they'd have very few left?

In 2006 the General Medical Council also allowed another Leicester Royal Infirmary Consultant Paediatrician, Dr Andrew Holton, to continue working despite misdiagnosing and mistreating at least 618 children who were left like 'zombies'.

Mystery of Leicester Mistreated Epilepsy Scandal's "missing children"

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