General Medical Council accepts racist doctors

"Blears is one of the most senior Labour figures to voice such concerns, and in such forthright terms. Her wake-up call came as the fallout from the posting of the membership list continued to be felt by the BNP. Police forces across the country were continuing to scour the lists for the names of serving officers - who are banned from joining the party. But the General Medical Council said it would not be taking action against any medical practitioners found to be members of the party."

This comment from Dr Rita Pal: NHS: Behind the Headlines

This means that the GMC would be happy to have BNP members sitting on their panels and committees. There is no outright preventative measure. We must congratulate the General Medical Council for their open mindedness. The comments below are therefore accepted with the GMC's blessings. Remember all you ethnic minority doctors in trouble at the GMC for emails you have written - here it is, classic racist behaviour accepted by the GMC.

"BNP chief propagandist Dr 'Phill Edwards' (real name Dr Stuart Russell) was recorded venting his spleen by claiming Black people were intellectually inferior.The BNP press officer was recorded by a student saying Black children have a low IQ and "will probably mug you." Dr Russell has since stood by his comments

He was quoted as saying: 'It's not a question of whether we like or dislike them, it's a question of whether they as a racial group are of any danger, shall we say, to the peace, stability and indigenous culture of Britain and we think that they are."

He also told the student: "When you go to work and you pay taxes, imagine paying all that tax to give money to single parents in London who have got three or four black kids.The black kids are going to grow up dysfunctional, low IQ, low achievers that drain our welfare benefits and the prison system and probably go and mug you.

"There have been no great civilisations that have formed in sub-Saharan Africa, no great science. To put it crudely, there's no black Mozart, there's no black Dickens."

The above is written by Dr Stuart Russell GMC Number 2339070 is not subject to General Medical Council proceedings and he never will be....

Source: Guardian