Freeport records and Maddie McCann on the agenda of Portuguese and British authorities

16 November 2008

Freeport Case with Polemical Wiretaps

English inform PJ and Public Ministry

Some of the relevant information in the Freeport investigation was obtained in England through administrative wiretaps, that is, allegedly made without the authorizations of a judge or of the British Secret Service.

This will be one of the issues addressed in tomorrow's meeting in Haia, the headquarters for Eurojust (EU Judiciary Cooperation), between the British and Portuguese police delegations and between British and Portuguese magistrates.

In Portugal, administrative wiretaps are not authorized. From Portugal, the attendees will be Cândida Almeida, from the Public Ministry, and Pedro Carmo and Moreira da Silva, both from PJ. The meeting was promoted by Eurojust after the English found money from the business in offshore companies based in that country.

The objective now is to formally exchange the available information, in order to understand if there was, or not, a payoff - estimated at €4 million - for the construction license for Freeport, in Alcochete, approved by the prior Council of Ministers for António Guterres when José Sócrates (current PM) was the secretary of state of the Environment.

by Eduardo Dâmaso/Tânia Laranjo

Source: Correio da Manhã
Thanks to Duarte Levy and Joana Morais
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