EU boost for the McCanns' child alert

Eddie alerting to the scent of death in McCanns car

EU justice ministers have agreed to move the idea of a Europe-wide child alert forward, starting with a simulated exercise in November. Here, Edward discusses the next political moves with France's interior minister Rachida Dati (right), currently in the EU presidency.

At the opening of the autumn session of the European Parliament it was announced that a majority of the 785 MEPs had signed a Written Declaration calling for a US-style Europe-wide Missing Child Alert, promoted by the McCanns and Edward McMillan-Scott. This is a majority of the 785 MEPs and so becomes a formal Resolution of the European Parliament.

Since 2003, 400 American children have been found - 80 % within the crucial first 72 hours - through the Justice Department's Amber Alert. Only France has a similar state-funded 'severe weather warning'-style missing child alert, which uses TV and radio flashes, messages on motorway gantries and town centre information boards.

Source: Edward McMillan-Scott MEP

The 3 Arguidos EU Boost for McCanns child alert