DNA breakthrough could solve Britain's oldest murder case

Britain's oldest murder investigation could finally be solved after more than 62 years thanks to a DNA breakthrough.

Police are still determined to find the man who raped and battered 12-year- old Muriel Drinkwater before shooting her through the heart as she walked home from school in 1946.

More than 20,000 men were interviewed but the killer was never caught.
However, in a major breakthrough, the murderer's DNA profile has now been found on Muriel's coat.

This will not provide an exact match to the killer, but scientists will be able to identify a family link.

In that case, the suspect's body will be exhumed to establish for certain whether he killed Muriel.

The case is believed to be the oldest in the world in which a DNA profile has been obtained.

Although detectives can find no match on the national DNA database and admit the killer may have died, they are combing through the original case files to pick out potential suspects, concentrating on 40 to 50 men.

They will revisit those still alive and even search for the sons and grandsons of dead suspects so they can be asked to provide a DNA sample.

Source: Daily Mail

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