Bogus MI5 agent fooled Leicestershire Constabulary

By Mark Hughes
Saturday, 1 November 2008

A fantasist who duped his wife and the police into believing he was a James Bond-style secret agent was jailed for two years yesterday.

Michael Newitt, 41, said he was special operations commander with MI5, the Foreign Office and police counter-terrorism units. He told officers at Hinckley police station, in Leicestershire, that he was "Commander Newitt" with the Metropolitan Police and claimed he was on a counter-terrorism operation in the county. He even tricked an officer into giving him a new pocket book.

Newitt carried fake ID documents in a leather wallet emblazoned with a crown and used the letters CMG after his name – the high-ranking award presented to James Bond in the story From Russia with Love.

The failed businessman, from Osgathorpe, near Loughborough, even fitted his car with blue strobe lights and a siren and used it to arrest a suspected drink-driver on the M6 before handing him in to local police.

Newitt's wife was also taken in. She said she believed the father of five when he said he was off on "special missions".

Source and complete article in The Independent UK 01.11.2008