Baby P's timeline leading to his violent death

Baby Peter with shaved head and vacant look one week before he died

1 March, 2006: Baby P is born. He lives with his father and mother in Haringey, north London.

2 May 2006: Baby P makes first visit to GP suffering from vomiting. He returns on May 26 with a similar complaint.

June 2006: The mother meets her new partner at a pub.

17 July 2006: The baby's father leaves the home in Haringey.

19 September 2006: Mother takes Baby P to his GP with nappy rash but also claims that he 'bruises easily' and is worried that she might be accused of child abuse.

13 October 2006: Baby P, now eight months old, returns to GP with bruising on the side of his head and chest. Mother claims he had fallen down the stairs.

17 November 2006: Baby P taken to GP with a respiratory tract infection and thrush.

November / December 2006: The 32-year-old boyfriend moves into the family home in November or December.

11 December 2006: Baby P is taken to his GP with a head injury, bruising to the bridge of the nose, sternum, right shoulder and buttocks. Mother 'flustered' and cannot give an explanation. Baby referred to the Paediatric Department at the Whittington Hospital for skeletal scan and blood clotting tests. Mother claims Baby P has fallen off the settee and been scratched by the dog. Baby P referred to Social Services.

12 December 2006: Haringey Social Services strategy meeting considers baby's case.

15 December 2006: Baby P discharged from hospital into the care of mother's friend Angela Godfrey. Police investigation begins.

19 December 2006: Mother and Grandmother of Baby P arrested for assaulting child and bailed to return on January 11, 2007.

22 December 2006: Baby P's name placed on the Haringey Child Protection Register for neglect and physical abuse.

24 December 2006: Social services make five-minute visit to check on family friend and the baby.

26 January 2007: Baby P returns to care of mother. She is still on bail for assaulting the child.

2 February: Maria Ward is appointed Baby P's allocated social worker.

February 2007: Family are moved to a bigger council home in north London with mother's new partner.

22 February 2007: Allocated social worker Maria Ward makes first visit to the new house. Mother complains about baby's name going on the Register. She denies causing the bruising.

2 March 2007: Second visit by social worker, together with health visitor Paulette Thomas, the day after Baby P's first birthday. Maria Ward sees the child butting the floor and refers him to the Child Development Centre. The mother admits 'taking her eye off the ball' after her separation but claims to be back on track.

8 March 2007: Arranged visit by social worker Maria Ward. Baby P seen banging his head on the sofa.

13 March 2007: Social worker Maria Ward alerted by mother's husband she may be living with a new boyfriend. The mother strongly denies the claims, saying he is just a friend who sometimes helps around the house.

15 March 2007: Mother starts weekly 'Mellow Parenting' programme. Mother cancels appointment with Health Visitor.

22 March 2007: Social worker notices baby has a red mark on the side of his chin. Mother claims he bumped into a side table at her friend's home. Health visitor Paulette Thomas completes a one-year check and reports 'no concerns.'

7 April 2007: Baby P seen by a family friend sitting in the garden eating dirt with a large bruise on his forehead. He is very quiet and withdrawn.

9 April 2007: Mother takes Baby P to North Middlesex Hospital with a large swelling and bruising on the left side of his head and a small bruise on his right cheek. Mother claims he was pushed over by an 18 month-old child and hit his head on a marble fireplace the previous Thursday, April 5. Baby P also has bruising around the eyes, scratches to his face and earlobe and head lice. The CT scan was normal. Social Services informed but make diagnosis of possible meningitis. Mother is heard boasting that her son has meningitis. Social services provide the family with a fireguard.

11 April 2007: Baby P discharged home.

24 April 2007: Social worker Maria Ward visits and has 'no concerns.'

9 May 2007: Health visitor Paulette Thomas visits the family at home.

10 May 2007: Mother does not attend Mellow Parenting Class.

16 May 2007: Maria Lockhart, Haringey project worker visits reports no problems.

18 May 2007: Baby P taken to the GP suffering from hives and prescribed antihistamine.

21 May 2007: Social worker visits the home, no apparent problems.

24 May 2007: Mother does not attend Mellow Parenting Class.

29 May 2007: Baby P not taken to appointment at the Health Visitors' centre at the Lordship Lane Clinic.

31 May 2007: Mother does not attend Mellow Parenting Class.

1 June 2007: Baby P, now 15 months old, is visited unannounced by social worker Maria Ward. He is lying on the sofa under a blanket. His face is red with some bruising under the chin and a red line under his eye. Mother claims that the baby has been in a fight with the 18 month-old child. The social workers informs the police and tells the mother to see the GP. The boy is taken to the North Middlesex hospital and is noticed to have 12 areas of bruising. Mother worried the baby may be taken away but social services arrange for a family friend to supervise the baby's care.

5 June 2007: Mother is arrested for a second time and questioned by police. She claims she is a 'damn good mum.'

6 June 2007: Baby P brought to Lordship Lane health clinic. Health visitor Paulette Thomas notes he has lost weight since March and sees scabs on his head. Mother claims baby had an allergic reaction.

8 June 2007: Photographs are taken of Baby P during a visit to his home by the police child protection team. He appears to have a bruise at the centre of his spine.

12 June 2007: Child minder Ann Walker notices a weeping and bleeding sore on Baby P's head. The child is often unwashed, smells of vomit and always seems to be hungry.

15 June 2007: The childminder tells social services of a bruise on the boy's chin but it is decided it is a pre-existing injury.

19 June 2007: Social worker visits Baby P at childminder's home and sees scratches on his scalp. Mother takes him to North Middlesex hospital for treatment to scratches on his ear and scalp. She claims he had an allergic reaction after eating Red Leicester cheese.

28 June 2007: Mother tells social worker Maria Ward over the phone she is going away the next day for her birthday.

29 June 2007: Jason Owen moves into the home with the 15 year-old runaway girl. Maria Ward tries to contact the mother but fails.

2 July 2007: Maria Ward contacts mother and is told they are at her seriously ill uncle's in Cricklewood. It is thought this was a cover story because Baby P had a black eye.

4 July 2007: Health visitor unable to contact mother but leaves message on phone.

9 July 2007: Baby P taken to walk-in clinic at North Middlesex hospital to get antibiotics for ear and scalp infections. Mother cancels appointment with health visitor.

10 July 2007: A police meeting leads expert to agree that the injuries to Baby P in December 2006 are 'suggestive of non accidental injury but non conclusive.'

11 July 2007: Social worker visits family and notes ear and scalp infection.

16 July 2007: Mother cancels appointment with health visitor.

18 July 2007: Baby P examined by health visitor Paulette Thomas and found to have again lost weight. Continues to suffer from scalp infection. Bruising also noted around ear. Mother claims it was caused when she was trying to clean his ear.

19 July 2007: Baby P taken to walk-in clinic at North Middlesex Hospital. He has an ear infection and swelling, and a nail infection to right hand. Antibiotics prescribed.

23 July 2007: Appointment for Baby P at the Child Development Centre at St Anne's Hospital is cancelled.

24 July 2007: Childminder informs social worker she cannot look after Baby P because of the scalp infection. Maria Ward phones the mother and tells her to go to a GP. Mother fails to turn up for appointment with Health Visitor and claims she forgot.

26 July 2007: Mother takes baby to GP. Baby P is withdrawn and pulls away from doctor during examination. GP prescribes anti-bacterial cream and makes appointment for August 2.

27 July 2007: Baby P stays overnight with father. Appears to be healthy apart from scalp infection and bandage to finger.

30 July 2007: Maria Ward makes last visit to see Baby P. He was in his buggy and had chocolate smears over his face and hands and anti-bacterial cream on his scalp. They may have been used to obscure the injuries.

31 July 2007: The CPS decide there is insufficient evidence against the mother or the maternal grandmother.

1 August 2007: Baby P taken to the Child Development Centre at St Anne's Hospital following two previous cancelled appointments. By this time he is probably suffering from fractured ribs and a broken back, paralysing him from the waist down. Doctor Sabah Alzayyat noted bruises to body and face but does not carry out full examination because he was 'miserable and cranky.' In evidence she insists that the boy was moving his legs - something she had never mentioned before. Mother cancels appointment with Heath Visitor.

2 August 2007: Mother decides not to take baby to the GP. Social worker Maria Ward agrees, as boy was seen by Paediatrician previous day. At a meeting with police and social services the mother is told that police would be taking no further action about the assault. She cries with relief and says she will go back and give him a big hug and bake a cake.

3 August 2007: 1.10am: Mother chats to friend over the phone and says the kids are 'fine.'

11.35am: The 999 call is made. Baby P taken to hospital but pronounced dead on arrival.


Baby P's mother has since given birth to a baby girl whilst in prison and social workers were reluctant to remove the new baby because of the mother's human rights.

Source: Comments: Justice for Maddie and the Twins

Image: Sky News