The McCanns and the Amber Alert

During the latest Council of Justice and Interior Affairs under the French Presidency, which will take place this Friday in Brussels, the Justice Ministers of the European Union will analyse the conclusions of child abduction alert exercises, carried out during the year, in order to encourage all member States to adopt similar systems to that of France, which could be triggered either side of a frontier.

On the occasion of the informal meeting of ministers responsible for justice and internal affairs, in Cannes in July 2008, the French Presidency had already stressed the need to share systems for "reponse" in cases of child abduction. The results obtained in France, as well as in shared exercises organised between member states, have shown the importance and the value of the system.

In July 2008, the Presidency had presented a film to all the ministers, recounting a cross-border child abduction exercise enacted a month earlier with Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. The Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish and Czech authorities accompanied the exercise as observers.

On the initiative of France, the United Kingdom, which had not wished to participate in the first exercise within the framework of the Abduction Alert, was involved in a second exercise, enacted on November 12th, in order to check the coordination of work by the authorities and services responsible for investigations in cases of abduction of a minor either side of the channel.

According to the French gendarmerie, who organised this simulation, the French-British "Abduction Alert" lasted for nearly seven hours.

Even before the start of the French Presidency, Rachida Dati, the Justice Minister, and Franco Frattini, then Vice-President of the European Commission, responsible for the area of "Liberty, Security and Justice," had already shown their wish for the abduction alert to become "a European system."

An alert system for missing children has been a European priority since 2006.

In December 2006, an extraordinary meeting of the member States approved a European Commission's initiative reserving telephone numbers beginning with 116 in all member States "for social services", including the number 116 000, to become "an emergency call number for helping find missing children." In February 2007, the Commission officially adopted the decision "reserving the telephone number 116 000 in all member States as the emergency call number for carrying information about missing children."

In January 2008, after several years of work in this direction, 630 of the 718 deputies present in Strasbourg who had already adopted the European strategy on the subject of children's rights, approved the establishment of a European alert system in cases of abduction, as well as the setting up of a helpline telephone number for children, a measure proposed in 2006, but which certain member States have not yet put into action.

The document approved by the parliament goes further, because the deputies "strongly recommend a European strategy against paedophile tourism and the establishment of a single body for cross-border criminal law, applicable across the Union" which would allow perpetrators of sexual crimes to be pursued across Europe.

Operation abduction alert: the French example.

Since its creation in 2006, the French system, known as Abduction Alert, has allowed the very rapid broadcast to the population throughout the national territory, of clear information relating to abduction in order to elicit witness statements likely to help the prompt freeing of the victim.

In the hours following the notification of a disappearance, the decision to launch the "abduction alert" plan is taken by the Prosecutor of the Republic in close consultation with the investigators and only after consulting the Justice Minister.

Four criteria, however, must be met for the plan to be launched: it must be a proven abduction, and not simply a disappearance, although worrying; the life of the physical safety of the victim must be at risk; the Prosecutor of the Republic is in possession of information, the broadcasting of which would allow the child or the suspect to be located; and the victim must be a minor.

The alert message, indicating a single telephone number, is broadcast for three hours by different carriers: television channels, radio stations, press agencies, continuous message boards on motorways, public address messages in railway and metro stations, internet sites and victims' associations.

Misinformation or manipulation?

Under the heading "EU discusses a Madeleine alert system," the Press association today announces that one more step will be taken this Friday towards the creation of a European Alert system, because, according to them, the subject was allegedly brought up "after Madeleine McCann's disappearance in Portugal last year and the idea for an alert system was defended by her parents, Kate and Gerry."

Again, according to the Press Association. the European Parliament, thanks to Madeleine's disappearance, now accepts the magnitude of the problem...this in spite of the work carried out for years by the parliament and the Commission and which culminated in the approved initiatives and strategies.

With an estimated population of 61 million, the United Kingdom announced the figure of 140,000 missing children, being an average of 383 a day, but it took Madeleine McCann's disappearance for the British government and the EU to take account of the magnitude of the problem...As a matter of curiosity, during the same period, Belgium, with its 10.5 million inhabitants, unfortunately experienced 8 disappearances a day.

The Press Association states that the French Abduction alert system works well, that of Belgium is identical, but "less well established", while the United Kingdom relies on the effective system of communication between 53 police forces, charities and voluntary groups....Therefore, go find the mistake.

Duarte Levy.

(See links to four other articles on this subject on the SOS Madeleine McCann web site, where there is also a video recounting how the abduction simulation exercise was carried out between several member States earlier this year.)

SOS Madeleine 27/11/08 EU Child alert update 29/11

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DNA database agreed for police across EU

McCanns and the Amber Alert

Kate and Gerry McScam set to launch Christmas Appeal 2008

Missing Madeleine McCann's mum Kate remains certain she is still alive - and plans a worldwide appeal at Christmas for help in finding the tot.

Brian Kennedy pledges to use his £450million fortune to fund Maddie search for the rest of his life

A sporting hero, who has yet to be named, will front the TV appeal. The celeb will speak as previously unseen footage of Maddie is screened.

Christmas appeal 2007

How Kate McCann is certain Maddie is alive:

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NHS Doctors McCann: Amber Alert System, the Prüm Treaty and Government Interference

How The Madeleine Case Supported the Extension of Amber Alert System and the EU's Prüm Treaty To The Remaining 27 Member States - And How Downing Street Obliged - updated.

"In response to the question, how will the McCanns be remembered, one Mirror Forum member wrote:

“they will become a leading force in the world to get rid of the hidden evil in our society, and to out those who try to cover up for the tragedies these criminals can cause”.

For a couple who are currently suspects in their daughter's disappearence, the statement brokered something of a paradox; just how could these two ordinary individuals who had been openly pilloried for their routine negligence transform themselves into credible figureheads for law-enforcement overnight?

Within the time it took to finish one glass of wine and discover one of your children missing, the McCanns exchanged their prison-issue denims for outfits tailored to a more 'practical' design.

And what at first had sounded like a most absurd suggestion by one deluded forum member steadily acquired some semblance of authority.


Retracing our steps to mid-July 2007 and we find ourselves standing alongside hundreds of dumbfounded uniformed officers at the Dorchester Hotel, invited from our seats by senior personnel to applaud one Gerald P McCann at the Police Bravery Awards. First we’d had the poignant video of his daughter, then the speech praising both UK Officers and the Polícia Judiciária, now we had the standing ovation. And for what? Just what were we honouring? Gerry’s contribution to ‘what’ exactly? One of the serving South Yorkshire officers receiving an award there that night described it as one of the most surreal events of his life. Sitting at his table was none other than Gerry McCann, 1500 metre junior running medallist and celebrated kidnap personality. And he wasn’t just down on the guest-list; Gerry was guest of honour. It was like having Mark Stanley - the man responsible for shutting the doors on the Herald of Free Enterprise as it left Zeebrugge - guest-of honour at the annual Maritime and Coastguard awards.

Naturally, not even this prepared us for what was to come. But just how did we get to this stage?


Much more about this: Blackwatch

Ireland can hold new vote on EU treaty

By Jonathan Saul

IRELAND can legally hold a second referendum on the European Union's Lisbon Treaty, an Irish parliamentary committee report said yesterday.

The sub-committee was set up after Irish voters said "No" in a June referendum on the treaty of reforms which are aimed at streamlining the bloc's decision-making, but must be ratified by all 27 member states before it can take effect.

Treaty backers say the Irish rejection paralysed the bloc at a time when it needs rapid reform after taking in new members from the former communist east. They want Ireland to come up with a solution to the impasse by a summit on December 11-12.

"No legal obstacle appears to exist to having a referendum, either on precisely the same issue as that dealt with on 12 June or some variation thereof," the cross-party sub-committee on Ireland's future in the EU said.

Micheál Martin, the foreign minister, welcomed the findings.

"The report confirms that Ireland's place is at the heart of the European Union," he said in a statement.
Discussion at the 3 arguidos: Treaty of Lisbon
How The Madeleine Case Supported the Extension of Amber Alert System and the EU's Prüm Treaty To The Remaining 27 Member States - And How Downing Street Obliged

Abuse of Power: Heal the World of corruption and hidden agendas

What about sunrise
What about rain
What about all the things
That you said we were to gain.. .
What about killing fields
Is there a time
What about all the things
That you said was yours and mine...
Did you ever stop to notice
All the blood we've shed before
Did you ever stop to notice
The crying Earth, the weeping shores?

What have we done to the world
Look what we've done
What about all the peace
That you pledge your only son...
What about flowering fields
Is there a time
What about all the dreams
That you said was yours and mine...
Did you ever stop to notice
All the children dead from war
Did you ever stop to notice
The crying Earth, the weeping shores?

Police State Britain: NINE anti-terror police raid MPs home for revealing Labour truths to media

Extraordinary details of the heavy-handed police operation against Shadow Immigration Minister Damian Green were revealed this afternoon.

Nine counter-terrorism officers raided the MP's London home, frightening his 15-year-old daughter Verity and wife Alicia who were there.

Mr Green was seized at his constituency home in Ashford, Kent, and held at Belgravia police station for nine hours, only one of which was used to question him about his alleged crime - leaking information embarrassing to the Home Office.

As fury grew over the way an elected MP had been treated after helping to expose Government blunders, the Evening Standard revealed that when his Commons and constituency offices were searched his mobile phone, Black-Berry and computers were all removed for examination, complete with confidential files stored on them.

His e-mail account had been disabled. Messages were bounced back with the terse explanation: 'your message wasn't delivered because of security policies'. A Tory source said angrily: 'He cannot do his job, which means the voters of Ashford have been disenfranchised by the police.'

The affair was turning into the biggest row over Whitehall leaks since the prosecution of civil servant Clive Ponting in 1985, over leaks about the Belgrano sinking, and the jailing of Sarah Tisdall in 1983 for leaking secrets about US cruise missiles in the UK.

Plastic boxes full of items taken from the MP's constituency office are taken away by a police officer. There is growing anger over the way Damian Green, below, has been treated. By contrast, however, the molehunt at the Home Office was for the source of a stream of stories that embarrassed the Government rather than threatened national security. They included that 5,000 illegal migrants had been cleared to work in security.

Last week a junior Home Office official, aged 26, was arrested. Tory leader David Cameron said police and ministers had 'serious questions' to answer, particularly about the use of counter-terrorism officers. He added the operation was 'extraordinary and frankly rather worrying.'

David Davis, the former Shadow Home Secretary, said Mr Green's job was exposing failures in the Government and that the arrest was 'reminiscent of Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe'.

He added that Winston Churchill relied on a Whitehall whistleblower to expose lack of preparedness before World War II.

'If the police had applied these rules in the Thirties, Churchill would not have been Prime Minister - he would have been a prisoner,' he said.

Liberty director Shami Chakrabarti said: 'The fundamental duty of the Metropolitan Police is to protect Londoners from harm, not the Government from political embarrassment.' Mr Green, 52, was finally released on unconditional bail shortly before midnight without charge but must return to face further questioning in February.

The MP described his arrest as 'astonishing'. Speaking outside Parliament this morning he said: 'I emphatically deny I have done anything wrong.' Some Tories suspected that the action was an attempt to intimidate other civil servants tempted to leak documents, especially from the Treasury where ministers think there is a high-placed Tory mole.

Furious party officials said the move was of such a sensitive nature that Downing Street and the Home Office must have been notified.

Extraordinarily, it emerged that Mr Cameron, Boris Johnson and Commons Speaker Michael Martin were all informed about the raids.

Mr Green's office in Ashford, Kent: Colleagues have described his arrest as 'Stalinesque'

Yet Gordon Brown insisted he had no advance knowledge of Mr Green's arrest.

Source: Daily Mail
Government agency monitoring peoples blogs
Health authories and councils get power to ‘spy’ on your e-mail and net use
Clarence Mitchell, Freud Communications and Tony Blair

Discussions on British Democracy forum: Police State Britain

Karen Matthews 'playing to the court'

The mother of Shannon Matthews sobbed as she took the witness stand yesterday, saying she was "disgusted" at allegations she had anything to do with her daughter's disappearance.

Karen Matthews, 33, rejected claims she was an "accomplished liar" as she wiped tears from her eyes. She repeatedly denied drugging or hiding the nine-year-old in order to claim a £50,000 reward for her safe return.

She told Leeds Crown Court that she loved her children but was the victim of an abusive relationship with her live-in partner Craig Meehan. She is accused, with Mr Meehan's uncle Michael Donovan, of falsely imprisoning Shannon and perverting the course of justice. Both deny the charges.

She said she had lied to police during an interview in which she told detectives she never considered leaving Mr Meehan, claiming he had sought to persuade her to take the blame for Shannon's 24-day disappearance.

But in cross-examination, Alan Conrad QC, for Mr Donovan, accused Ms Matthews of play-acting, "Just as it was a staged performance during the three-and-a-half weeks your daughter was missing. You can play for the cameras and play for the court, can't you?"

Before her client took the stand, Mrs Oldham warned the jury that Ms Matthews had been "demonised". Urging them to base their judgment on the facts of the case before them, "not just smear, not just injustice, not just prejudice". She added: "The media has decided that Karen Matthews is guilty, the police have decided that Karen Matthews is guilty.

"It would be easy to approach Karen Matthews' evidence on the basis she's a liar. She has been demonised in the media and you could be forgiven for expecting the worst from her."

The case continues.

Source: The Independent
Karen Matthews v. Kate McCann - Spot the difference

Kate and Gerry McCann receive massive libel payout over newspapers ...
Abuse of Power articles
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Martin Brunt thought the McCanns were a chavvy family from some estate in Essex

----- Baby taken into care after clubbing mum leaves tot home alone
Police said: "It's unacceptable to leave a child alone at all, but to go socialising is just wrong." The mum was released on bail.

Facebook arranges Marches for Baby P and all abused children: 13th Dec

Click here for details

Martin Narey, Head of Barnado's: "Baby P would have grown up to be a feral, parasitic yob"

If Baby P had lived he is likely to have become a 'feral, parasitic yob' by his early teens, a senior child campaigner has claimed.

In one of a series of public lectures, Martin Narey, head of the children's charity Barnardo's, deplored the life of 'deprivation' that he said would have transformed the infant into a young criminal.

His remarks infuriated friends and family of Baby P who called the comments an 'insult to his memory'.

At the Duke of Wellington Hall in Whitehall, Central London, Mr Narey said: 'It saddens me that the probability is that had Baby P survived, given his own deprivation, he might have been unruly by the time he had reached the age of 13 or 14.

'At which point he'd have become feral, a parasite, a yob, helping to infest our streets. The response to his criminal behaviour would have been to lock him up – but we believe these children deserve better.'
And you, Sir, grew up to be an ignorant arsehole if you don't mind me saying so. Baby P had a broken back and was paralysed - how unruly could he be in that condition? We will never know how he may have turned out if people had done their jobs and removed him and placed him with a loving family. He may well have turned out to be a fine young man - albeit in a wheelchair with unimaginable mental trauma to cope with.

Complete outrageous article here Daily Mail
Opinion piece by Transfattyacid here
Baby P's memorial site "Gone too soon"
Discussion at the 3 arguidos here

Tanya French raped 12 week old baby and Judge sets her free after 30 months

A MONSTER who helped rape a 12-week-old baby walked free from jail yesterday after serving just 30 months of a five-year sentence.

Depraved Tanya French, 21, sparked outrage in 2006 after it emerged she attacked the tot while lover Alan Webster filmed it on video.

She and Webster, 42, were both jailed for raping the baby while babysitting in Hatfield, Herts.

A family source said last night: “The idea of French being out and able to rebuild her life is sickening. Angry does not even begin to describe how we feel.

“The sentences left us all in pieces. We’ve done our best to move on since then but to find out French has been released brings everything back.”

Porn addict Webster later said the rape and other attacks — over a two-month period — formed part of a “wish list” of sexual acts he wanted to perform.

But fury erupted when a judge only handed him a six-year life sentence and French five years.

Last night the Ministry of Justice insisted the law required them to release French because she had served half her sentence.

A source added: “Risks posed by sexual and violent offenders are closely assessed. If offenders breach their conditions they will be returned to prison.”

Source: The Sun

Some of the comments:

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Doctor suspended in Baby P probe

The doctor who failed to spot Baby P's injuries has been suspended from practising, the General Medical Council (GMC) has said.

Dr Sabah al-Zayyat, a locum paediatrician, examined Baby P at St Ann's Hospital in London on 1 August 2007, two days before he died.

The GMC is currently investigating the doctor's conduct in connection with the 17-month-old boy.

He died in Haringey, north London, after suffering months of abuse.

The GMC had already placed temporary conditions on the registration of Dr al-Zayyat at a hearing in August 2008 which meant she could only work under supervision.

'Miserable and cranky'

But those conditions have now been upgraded to a full suspension.

The GMC said it would hold a full public hearing if its investigation merited it.

If it proceeds to that stage it can then either strike Dr al-Zayyat off the medical register, suspend her, put conditions on her registration or simply not impose any penalty.

Dr al-Zayyat, who qualified in Pakistan and worked in Saudi Arabia before coming to Britain in 2004, spotted bruises to his body but decided not to carry out a full systemic examination because the boy was "miserable and cranky".

Full article: BBC News

Gonçalo Amaral: The Maddie Affair: The parents did it

The Coordinator in the case of the missing British girl Madeleine McCann has no doubts: The parents were involved.

The parents have previously been the main suspects in the case of the missing British girl Madeleine McCann. The retired PJ coordinator in the case is not in doubt. They were involved, he said.

The case is full of contradictions, but everything suggests that the parents were involved in the matter. Evidence suggests that this was an accident, "said the former PJ Coordinator Gonçalo Amaral to

He is currently in Copenhagen to promote his book about the case. He does not hide the fact that parents are involved.

- There was a third person involved, but there are at least two people who know what happened. I suspect that they are the ones who have hidden the body, says the former PJ investigator, who is in Copenhagen with his wife, Sofia Leal.

'Will contribute to the truth'

Gonçalo Amaral has written the book to give his version of the truth, after he was removed from the case last October and then defamed in the media for his wrong handling of the case.

He is sure that Maddie is dead.

- I hope that the full truth one day comes forward so we can get to know everything that happened that night.

'I have made errors'

He has had to endure the criticism as the lead Investigator, in an interview with he admits that he has made mistakes in the matter.

- I've never felt that it was my fault that the case was not solved. There has, of course, been mistakes in the investigation, but the book can help to get some truths forward, and I hope it continues to contribute until one knows the whole truth," said Gonçalo Amaral.

Translated from here

Child abuse: The World Speaks for Baby P

THE Sun’s petition demanding justice for Baby P was delivered to Downing Street today and our message could not be clearer.
A truck carrying weighty mailbags left The Sun's Wapping HQ earlier and travelled to Number 10.
Political Editor George Pascoe-Watson handed over the bags which were bulging with signatures calling for those who failed the tortured tot to be fired.
Last night the number of responses rocketed past ONE MILLION.
A record 1,250,000 outraged citizens from across the world backed our crusade.
It is now officially the biggest newspaper campaign EVER.
Reader Tina Streeter, 36 — whose 17-month son is the same age as Baby P — declared: “The Government must take notice.”
As our staff yesterday filled more than 100 mailbags to bursting with signatures, one tearful mum urged us: “Keep going — please don’t give up.

Source: The Sun

And blogs and forums will continue to speak up for Madeleine McCann until she gets justice too.

General Medical Council accepts racist doctors

"Blears is one of the most senior Labour figures to voice such concerns, and in such forthright terms. Her wake-up call came as the fallout from the posting of the membership list continued to be felt by the BNP. Police forces across the country were continuing to scour the lists for the names of serving officers - who are banned from joining the party. But the General Medical Council said it would not be taking action against any medical practitioners found to be members of the party."

This comment from Dr Rita Pal: NHS: Behind the Headlines

This means that the GMC would be happy to have BNP members sitting on their panels and committees. There is no outright preventative measure. We must congratulate the General Medical Council for their open mindedness. The comments below are therefore accepted with the GMC's blessings. Remember all you ethnic minority doctors in trouble at the GMC for emails you have written - here it is, classic racist behaviour accepted by the GMC.

"BNP chief propagandist Dr 'Phill Edwards' (real name Dr Stuart Russell) was recorded venting his spleen by claiming Black people were intellectually inferior.The BNP press officer was recorded by a student saying Black children have a low IQ and "will probably mug you." Dr Russell has since stood by his comments

He was quoted as saying: 'It's not a question of whether we like or dislike them, it's a question of whether they as a racial group are of any danger, shall we say, to the peace, stability and indigenous culture of Britain and we think that they are."

He also told the student: "When you go to work and you pay taxes, imagine paying all that tax to give money to single parents in London who have got three or four black kids.The black kids are going to grow up dysfunctional, low IQ, low achievers that drain our welfare benefits and the prison system and probably go and mug you.

"There have been no great civilisations that have formed in sub-Saharan Africa, no great science. To put it crudely, there's no black Mozart, there's no black Dickens."

The above is written by Dr Stuart Russell GMC Number 2339070 is not subject to General Medical Council proceedings and he never will be....

Source: Guardian

Human rights abused in social care and NHS

Vulnerable people are continuing to suffer inhumane treatment in social care and health services, according to a report marking the tenth anniversary of the Human Rights Act.

The British Institute of Human Rights has highlighted cases across the UK where service users felt professionals breached fundamental rights to dignity, privacy, and social inclusion.

Yet in each case the individuals, their advocates or other staff members successfully challenged unacceptable treatment by invoking the principles of the law, without taking the matter to court.

Act "promotes good practice"

The report, The Human Rights Act – Changing Lives, says this is part of a growing culture where the act allows “ordinary people going about their day-to-day lives” to exercise their rights.

It calls the act, which incorporated the European Convention on Human Rights into UK law a decade ago, “a vital tool…in promoting good practice in public services”. The BIHR urges councils and NHS trusts to integrate it into the design and delivery of all services.

Degrading treatment

The 16 new case studies include parents with learning disabilities being spied on by social workers using a CCTV camera in one case, and subjected to daily unannounced visits in another. In a London nursing home, older people were forced to use wheelchairs regardless of their mobility, while a long-term patient in a mental health hospital was almost denied his wish to marry his partner.

In a case attributed to Mersey Care NHS Trust, staff at a day centre forced a young man with learning disabilities in to wear arm splints most days. This was to prevent him from biting his hands and pulling out his hair.

However, they realised this violated his right to respect for his private life, and agreed to limit the use of the splints to episodes when his behaviour posed a significant risk to his own well-being.

Act 'can change lives'

In the other cases, advocates and consultants raised concerns that key rights were being violated, and the decisions were reversed.

Ceri Goddard, acting director of the BIHR, said that despite calls for it to be scrapped, the Human Rights Act “should be celebrated for the positive changes it is making to people's everyday lives”.

Article here

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Court of Appeal quashes MoJ rules on restraint in STCs
Family Planning Association launches sexual health campaign
CSCI highlight problems in councils safeguarding adults
External information
British Institute of Human Rights

Social services 'set up CCTV camera in couple's bedroom'

Call to confront Human Rights Act ‘myths’

Bid to highlight rights act
Madeleine McCann: Francisco Moita Flores’ 3 Minutes, Gran’s Plate And The Paedo Doctor

Image taken from Human Rights Photos

More children failed by health workers, social services, police and Human Rights

A 'monster' who kept his two daughters as sex slaves for three decades and fathered nine children with them was finally brought to justice today.

The 56-year-old man was given 25 life sentences and will serve at least 19 and a half years for the horrific catalogue of rapes and abuse he inflicted on his children.

The judge in the case said the horrifying abuse was compounded by the failure of social services, health workers and police to rescue the women despite being in contact with the family.

The sisters who spent much of their childhood and their entire adult lives in fear of their father watched from the public gallery at Sheffield Crown Court as the judge passed sentence.

But their evil father refused to sit in court to face them and hear his fate.

Judge Alan Goldsack, QC, said: 'As a result of this case questions will inevitably be asked about what social workers and medical workers have been doing for the past 20 years, but that is not a matter for the court.

'But if any fault should be placed on their shoulders it does not detract from the fact that this accused alone committed these offences.

'What he did was the grossest possible breach of trust when he should have been protecting his daughters.

'He has not shown any remorse and has clearly not begun to appreciate the psychological harm he has caused.

'In nearly 40 years of dealing with criminal cases and 14 as a family judge the combination of aggravated circumstances is the worst I have come across.'
Source: Mail Online

"Can't be named for legal reasons" is a phrase that has popped up frequently of late. The reason most often quoted for this is that it relates to the Human Rights Act.

Today saw reports of the trial of a man described as the British Fritzl. The man is said to have fathered seven children by his two daughters: yet weirdly he cannot be named for legal reasons.

I say weirdly, because Austria is a signatory to the same Human Rights Act and yet we know Fritzl's name, the name of his daughter, his children, the children he fathered with his daughter, his wife, and the names of large sections of the extended family.

So how can the same legislation be used entirely differently by two countries effectively under the jurisdiction of the same court, namely the European Court of Human Rights?

Open Justice


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Haut de la Garenne - Jersey Case

Tiffany Hirst - 3 year old left alone to die

Freemasons and the New World Order

Link to video

Kate and Gerry McCann do it their way

Drs Kate and Gerry McCann's laywers Peter Carter Ruck
visiting blogs and forums

The poor hard-done-by child neglectors get £350,000

And here's one for all the children that the NHS, police and government don't give a stuff about

Kate and Gerry McCann: The mystery of the creche records

Since a small part of the case file - the DVD version was made accessible to the public, a great deal of ink has flowed. We note that it is necessary to be cautious as to its contents. In fact, it is only 17% of the complete case file and certain details are only of interest in relation to the complete file and not taken out of their context.

You probably know that our team, at the association, is comprised mainly of professionals from the field of police work. As such, we have analysed the case file and from the first pages, we have identified a few anomalies. Thus, the registers from the Kids Club appeared to be incomplete. Certain gaps have not been explained.

Complete article here

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Child Abuse: Hitting the targets, missing the point

Dr Sabah al-Zayyat failed Baby Peter

The report by the Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills (Ofsted), published Wednesday, found that 282 vulnerable children - many of them already known to social services - died in the 17-month period to the end of August.

Another 136 suffered serious harm or injury and two-thirds of those killed or hurt were babies less than a year old, it said.

Ofsted is responsible only for the region England, and its figures do not cover cases of abuse and neglect in Britain's other three regions - Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The report comes amid a national furore over child abuse following the conviction of a mother, her boyfriend and a lodger for causing or allowing the death of her 17-month-old baby.

The death of the boy, who can only be identified as Baby P for legal reasons, has caused an outcry over the quality of care provided by government social service workers and doctors in England, who had Baby P in their register of children at risk of harm before he died.

One doctor failed to spot Baby P's broken back and eight broken ribs.

The Ofsted figures are considered shocking because the main children's charity in Britain, the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC), had so far estimated that one child died from cruelty each week.

'We are still not learning enough - or fast enough - from serious case reviews which happen when a child has died or been harmed through neglect or abuse,' Ofsted chief inspector Christine Gilbert said.

Source: Newstrack India

Sabah al-Zayyat, the doctor sacked over Baby P, says she is shocked by ‘tragic’ case

"The doctor, who qualified in Pakistan and worked in Saudi Arabia before coming to Britain in 2004, has since had her contract terminated with Great Ormond Street Hospital, which is responsible for child services in Haringey. She has also been banned from working unsupervised and faces an investigation by the General Medical Council."

(Sacked as in really, really sacked - or sacked as in now working under supervision?)

Final insult: Now public faces paying millions to provide Baby P's mother with a new identity.

The police signed a care plan that allowed Baby P to be returned home.
Police officers are being forced to make "ludicrous" arrests in an attempt to hit Home Office targets:

Cheshire man cautioned for being 'found in possession of an egg with intent to throw'.

Two schoolgirls arrested after chalk drawing on pavement.

Two children arrested under Firearms Laws after being found in possession of toy pistol.

Man cautioned for throwing glass of water over girlfriend.

Seventy-year-old pensioner arrested for cutting back neighbours conifers too vigorously.

Boy arrested for throwing a cream bun on a school bus.

In Kent, a child was arrested for throwing a slice of cucumber from a tuna mayonnaise sandwich at another youngster.

Man arrested for hitting girlfriend with sandwich. The type of sandwich hurled was not specified in the report.



University Hospitals Leicester: Pathway Project and the need for fundraising?

Pathway Project
Press Release 413, 10/05/2006

Peter Reading, Chief Executive of University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, announced the latest progress on the project to create new 21st century hospitals in Leicester.

“Earlier this year the Department of Health announced a national review of Private Finance Initiative, (PFI) schemes. That review has now taken place and the initial feedback is looking pretty positive.”

“We want to invest in our two emergency hospitals, the Royal Infirmary and the Glenfield; create a new innovative planned care and rehabilitation hospital at the General and develop a one site solution to maternity services and integrate children’s services at the Royal. Though this is work in progress, it is what we are pitching to the Department of Health, (DH) and the Treasury.”

“However, the shape of the whole NHS is changing at an astounding rate and the Treasury are concerned that Trusts are locking themselves into big PFI financial commitments over many years. In the uncertain world of payment by results, and a White Paper which encourages more activity to move into community hospitals we have to be sure that the plans we make now are right for this generation the next and the next.”

“So, in common with other new hospital schemes in the UK the DH has instructed us to cut some of the planned investment in our scheme. This means our available cash is likely to be in the region of £600m.”

Source: University Hospitals Leicester website: Pathway Progress
Ministers approve £1.5bn hospital building proposal


Hospital chief resigns from post

The chief executive of the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust has announced his retirement from the role.

Peter Reading is stepping down just two months after a £700m plan to rebuild Leicester's NHS hospitals was scrapped.

A spokesman has said they were "entering a new chapter in the history of these hospitals" and that is was "the right time for a change".

The decision to abandon the rebuilding plan drew some criticism as more than £20m had already been spent on it.

Earlier in the year the trust said it was looking to cut hundreds of posts to make budget savings.

(Does that include cancelling operations and denying life saving treatment to make budget savings?) Link
NHS should not save patients' lives if it costs too much, says watchdog

Source: BBC News

Peter Reading, Leicester Royal Infirmary's scapegoat
McCanns millionnaire backer, Richard Branson, steps into new role in NHS
Bailiffs called in to Leicester Hospitals
Leicester City Health UNISON slammed plans to axe up to 900 jobs and close 200 beds at Leicester’s three city hospitals.
Taken from British Democracy forum
One close friend of the McCanns living nearby in Praia da Luz was Mr Brian Geraghty, also a Roman Catholic, who was seen on camera emerging from the Roman Catholic Church with the McCanns the Sunday immediately after Madeleine 'disappeared'. He was also seen on subsequent occasions in close contact with the McCanns (including on subsequent TV broadcasts) and is known to have helped the McCanns out during the aftermath of Madeleine McCann 'going missing'.

In addition, it is clear from researches undertaken by others that Brian Geraghty was very closely involved in the failed PFI bid that was made by a consortium at Leicester University Hospital - that included the Doctors McCann and at least one other of their 'Tapas 9' doctor friends. The McCanns and Geraghty had been hoping to pull off a bid for some £700 million PFI funding, but Patricia Hewitt, right at the last, refused the application in one of her last acts as Health Secretary (in January 2007).

A quite possible reason for the McCanns' 'holiday' in Praia da Luz was to discuss with Geraghty and his contacts how to revive their failed PFI bid, from which both the McCanns and John Geraghty stood to gain from potentially highly lucrative contracts.

(It is John Geraghty not Brian)

How convenient, then, that their holiday produced the need for such a huge fundraising campaign, and that UHL link directly to the McCanns Fund from their hospital noticeboard.

How convenient that Gerry's boss, Doug Skehan, is adept at fundraising and is also a director of the fraudulent Fund and that UHL refuse to comment on this.

As the abduction was staged, I wonder what else was staged.

Would you know anything about that, Kate and Gerry?

Who's who in Team McCann

Press to be investigated over McCann coverage

ISSUES OF libel, privacy and general standards in the press are to be investigated by a parliamentary committee in the UK following a string of successful court cases in relation to coverage of the Madeleine McCann case.

The press self regulation regime in the UK is expected to be tightened while the Press Complaints Commission is set to be scrutinised after failing to launch its own inquiries into coverage about the Madeleine case.

The news comes days after former arguido Robert Murat received undisclosed awards from British Sky Broadcasting Ltd following the publication of an article and video on the Sky News website claiming that his behaviour was “reminiscent of child murderer Ian Huntley”.

Source: The Resident

Yet again, the NHS "cannot comment" over toddler's missed broken leg

A FURIOUS mum claims her toddler was left in agony for more than two weeks after FOUR medics failed to spot his leg was broken.

Little Benji Lewis, three, suffered a broken fibia and tibia after falling off a roundabout.

His anguished mum Verity Mason, 29, claims an ambulance crew, two doctors and a radiologist all told her the little lad just had a sprain.

But after 17 days of worry and watching her tot suffer, a visit to her local health centre confirmed her fears.

Verity, of St Andrews, Fife, said: “I was horrified when I found out my baby had been crawling about for over two weeks because of a broken leg.

“Doctors had been advising me to get him to try to stand on his leg, but he was in far too much pain. I just knew something was wrong.” Benji was injured while visiting his dad Ray Lewis in nearby Cupar in September.

Furious Ray, 47, said: “I was so angry when I was told. How could the other medical staff have missed it? It’s an absolute scandal.”

Verity and Ray are planning to take legal action over the alleged blunder.

Last night a spokesman for NHS Fife said they could not comment on the allegations.

Source: The Scottish Sun

Paediatrician failed to spot Baby P's broken back and ribs

Social worker informed government of Baby Peter's case 6 months before he died

'I knew that a child was going to die'

The brave whistleblower social services chiefs tried to gag breaks her silence to reveal the shocking catalogue of blunders that led to Baby P’s death.

Nevres Kemal is the experienced social worker who was so horrified at Haringey Council’s shambolic child protection department she wrote to ministers to warn of an imminent catastrophe.

Nevres, 44, exposes how staff were taken on “team-building” jaunts to Barcelona and Dublin and blew £1,600 on tea parties at the Ritz. Back in their office, urgent files were piled high and ignored. Children like Baby P who needed the department’s protection were shamefully let down.

She reveals she warned children’s services chief Sharon Shoesmith she would have “blood on her hands” if urgent action wasn’t taken.

But instead of her concerns being taken up and acted upon, Nevres ended up bullied, ostracised and drummed out of her job. She then had to agree to an injunction by Haringey Council in a bid to keep her silent.

Six months after her fateful warning to ministers, 17-month-old Baby P was dead.

Nevres said: “Why did nobody listen to my warnings? Why was nothing done? The Government and social services knew the problems but they sat back and let this happen. I don’t care if the council try to sue me for speaking out. I owe it to Baby P.”

Source: Baby P whistleblower breaks her silence

Why has it taken 15 months for this horrific case to reach the public domain?

Was the government just going to cover it up and hope no one would hear about this case?

If so, why?

And why is Madeleine McCann's case being swept under the carpet?

And why is the Jersey Care Home case also being swept under the carpet?

Do children not matter in this country?

Why is paedophilia linked to all these cases?

Revealed: How a close male relative of Baby Peter is linked to a big paedophile network
Uncovered: The vile mother of Baby P
Wanted: for compliance to Child Abuse and murder - Haringey Council, North London
How many more innocents must die…?

Baby P case dominates PMQ's clash (videos)

What damage do you have to inflict on a child - and for how long - to be deemed an unfit mother?

Tortured Baby Peter, failed by the system
By Janet Street-Porter

I will never forget the heart-rending image of Baby P, his head roughly shaved, with blood around his ear and chocolate smeared over the sores around his mouth. It is impossible not to cry.

What kind of "expert" could see that woeful little person and not think something was seriously wrong? What pediatrician could examine a crying child and not "notice" that his back and ribs were broken?

I haven't had a child, but I know I could spot a beaten baby better than the lacklustre team in North London who failed Baby P on 78 different occasions. Even when doctors expressed concern, they were over-ruled by social workers claiming that they knew best – and that meant reuniting this child with its mother.

Baby P isn't just the victim of sustained abuse – he died because of political correctness. We seem reluctant – in this case fatally so – to pass judgement on women who couldn't clean out a hamster's cage let alone look after a baby.

This is the true legacy of Sixties thinking – always assume that mum knows best, and always support the underclass. Let's not pass judgement on the fact that their homes contain no furniture other than a telly, a computer, a bed and a sofa. Let's not criticise – as Jamie Oliver so bravely did the other week – mums who don't know how to turn on the cooker, feed their kids takeaways, and eat off the floor. Let's blame it on poverty and deprivation. That's easier than confronting a few unpleasant truths.

Baby P's mum spent hours online every night, chatting to friends, playing poker. Her home was not in a slum, but a decent part of north London. She'd had several children. You can bet she and her friends wore smart casual clothes, and had enough money for booze, fags and recreational drugs.

It's a familiar story. Karen Matthews, currently on trial for kidnapping and imprisoning her own daughter in order to claim a £50,000 reward, had seven children by five different men. Her former boyfriend Craig was convicted earlier this year on 11 counts of possessing child pornography.

The court heard evidence that when Karen was driven to be reunited with her daughter after she'd been missing for 24 days she seemed more interested in the officer's mobile phone ring tone than anything else. That's not a crime, but it does reveal a lot about a particular mindset.

How can social workers go into homes with animal faeces on the floor – and there are small children living there – and think that's acceptable? Another indicator of warped values is the revelation that Baby P was thought safe with a young friend of his mum's – a girl with zero experience of child care.

My eyes were opened to this world when I spent a couple of weeks working in Barnsley General Hospital, for a television series about the NHS. I would ask girls about to give birth if they'd even been to anti-natal class. They'd proudly say no, but they knew all the terminology. They wanted an epidural, they didn't want to breast feed. Yet at the same time they hadn't a clue how to sterilise a bottle.

There was a list in code on the office wall of women known to the police and social services – women who would turn up, have their babies, and then disappear, reappearing a year later pregnant by a different man.

It now costs a lot of money to take children into care, which is one reason why local authorities are reluctant to act. Iain Duncan Smith thinks that every time you do this some young mums will just have another baby – undoubtedly true.

If single mums had to live together in hostels rather than flats, would that teach them cooking and mothering skills? Why should they automatically receive their own flat? As a nation, we dig deep in our pocket to help kids – Children in Need raised a record £20 million last Friday – but it was too late for Baby P. We need to become a nation of busybodies, and not feel that a beaten, dying baby is best left to the professionals.

Dr Kate McCann, protected by the same system who failed Baby Peter, abandoned and neglected her own three children yet, as a GP, was authorised to report other parents for child neglect and abuse. Funny old world.


Source: Janet Street-Porter: Who can say now that mother always knows best?
'Safety net' failed tortured baby

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Gonçalo Amaral's 'Maddie: Truth of the Lie

Richard D. Hall: 'When Madeleine Died?'

Richard D. Hall: 'When Madeleine Died?'
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Prime Minister introduces Prime Suspect to Royalty

Prime Minister introduces Prime Suspect to Royalty

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