Who put Madeleine McCann to bed on the night she was 'abducted'?

From their statements about Madeleine crying the night before she went missing it appears that Mr and Mrs McCann were not present when the children were put to bed.

Is that not the case, was she not upset the night before?

Mr G. McCann
"The next morning Madeleine said 'why didn't you come when we cried last night' at the time we thought that's odd, we looked at each other and asked her directly when she meant - she just dropped it and moved on. We thought when were they crying? We'd been checking, it would be exceptional for particularly the twins to cry and go back to sleep in between our checks so obviously kids cry all the time when they're getting bathed, when they're tired, when they're doing that so we did wonder if it was when they were getting put to bed or around that time".

Can this statement be interpreted any other way?


What an interesting point Veritas!

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