What does it really mean for those of us who seek the truth about Maddie McCann?

Well, it means that forums are disrupted and it means that pro-McCann supporters visit our blogs to cause disruption. Some people even attempt to hack our computers to shut down our blogs: Claudia has a blog called "Proud of the PJ". Why shouldn't she be proud of the PJ? The PJ are the ones who investigated Maddie's case, picked up the cost, were treated like officers from a third world country, and were ridiculed by the UK media as being 'bungling cops' when it would seem it was the UK which disrupted the investigation.

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My blog has also come attack, as I have myself. The pro-McCann supporters on this site don't seem to discuss Maddie much, - they talk about blow-jobs and write about how they wish I would end up on a hospital trolley for 48 hours. They also gloat about how much disruption they cause and how many times they've been banned from forums.

But this one is surely one of the sickest comments left by a pro-McCann supporter isn't it? Someone actually wishes this lady's children are targetted by paedophiles simply because the mother is angry at the injustice of another child - that child being Maddie McCann, who was abandoned to her fate by her own parents. Two NHS doctors.

Some Portuguese journalists, like Duarte Levy and Paulo Reis have been threatened by the McCanns lawyers, Carter-Ruck. Gonçalo Amaral has been threatened and his dog was also mysteriously killed. Sergey Malinka's car was set on fire.

Let's not forget that Doctors Gerry and Kate McCann admitted that they left their three young children alone every night of their holiday until the worst happened - one of them is now missing, presumed dead. Furthermore, the Portuguese police believe the McCanns are not only guilty of Maddie's death, but concealing her body to avoid punishment for themselves, and the additional crime of creating a fund which can only be fraudulent as it was set up to find a 'live' Madeleine, even though that is the job of the police.

None of us have done anything wrong - we express our anger at the obvious protection these scamsters are receiving from the UK government, police and media - yet the guilty McCanns walk free and continue to threaten us with legal action for seeking the truth and for seeking justice for the little girl they abandoned.

The McCanns do nothing whatsoever to endear themselves to us by threatening us with legal action which tops up their already fraudulent fund. Money they have accepted from pensioners and schoolchildren which they have used to pay their mortgage.

There is only one person who matters amongst the stench of corruption in this case and that is Maddie who didn't deserve any of this. What she does deserve is justice and peace.

How much longer are the McCanns going to get away with all this? These people and their supporters do nothing whatsoever for the image of the NHS which, to my mind, is already in tatters.


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