Well, Kate and Gerry... are you going to sue Gonçalo Amaral?

After all, he's accused you of child neglect and the involvement of Maddie's death, hiding her cadaver, staging an abduction, drugging all your children so you could go out drinking and, of course, there's the fraudulent fund, too.

If you're as innocent as you want people to believe, why are you not suing Mr Amaral for those 'outrageous' accusations? He wants you to sue him. What better way to get people to believe in your innocence than to win a libel case against Mr Amaral? What's stopping you?

Is it because you don't want to go anywhere near a courtroom where you might be asked awkward questions about the little girl you abandoned every night? Just as you didn't want the investigation to continue? Why would that be when you insist Maddie is still alive? I thought your campaign motto was "Leave no stone unturned"?

The things you choose NOT to do says far more about your wider agenda. It's little wonder that people continue to seek justice for your daughter, while you continue to search for ways to make money. Why not try Mr Amaral? He's certainly worth suing now he's made all that money from his book.

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