Sun newspaper re-publishes discredited, fake interview of top Portuguese criminologist to help child neglect doctors Kate and Gerry McCann

article here

Top Portuguese criminologist, José Manuel Anes, is now set to sue The Sun newspaper for re-publishing this once-discredited article.
The Sun Article: Maddie probe is blasted


Published: 10 Oct 2008

This is the fake interview, already discredited on December 19th, 2007 by Correio da Manhã as being a distortion of the truth. article here

(English google translation of article here)

THE top criminologist in Portugal has slammed the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

Jose Manuel Anes said the methods used by police were flawed and out-dated.

He added: “Errors were made, not just by the Judicial Police, but by a whole group of people who took part in the investigations.”

Mr Anes, former head of criminology at Portuguese police’s science lab, attacked the decision to make Maddie’s parents Gerry and Kate “arguidos”, or suspects.

He said it was based on flawed evidence.

However, the following quote is taken from a member of the 3 arguidos here

"Today after reading The Sun's ridiculous piece they called a story "Maddie probe is blasted" ... 790007.ece

It was brought to my/our attention by Laffin Assasin that this was/could be an old article by The Daily mail from December 07, which was according to a subsequent report the next day in Corrieo da Manha a distortion of what Mr Anes had originally said (you can read the article super sleuthed by Laffin on the following link): ... 0000000010

After realising Laffin was most likely correct I sent in a complaint to The Sun detailing these facts and asking for an explanation as to why they were again misleading the public by rehashing an old article by another newspaper that was disputed by the person they claimed to be quoting, I await their response (which will probably a long time coming).

After this I did some googling and came across Mr Anes's web site and decided to drop him a line, to cut a long story short I informed him of the article explaining my concern re The Mail article and kindly asked him to confirm if he had indeed made a new statement to the U.K press.

When I got home to my surprise I have received a reply from him I will not print it but summarise what he has said, I can forward it to admin if they wish.

He said (and he called me madam, or google did ), that this article was even worse than the original (he used the word shameless or blatant) that it distorts the context of the original interview he gave to the journalist Manuel Catarino the author of the book "The guilt of McCann" and what he said at the end of his book. He says that he spoke originally in the context of methods of DNA analysis and the general errors that may occur in criminal cases in general not in the McCann case (in short he was giving his expert opinion on DNA methods generally as is I believe an area of his expertise).

He states also the fact that this is also not a statement that has been paid for that he recals, he thanks me for bringing it to his attention, (calling it an unfortunate article) he said it has made him so sad that he is considering taking action.

I await a response from The Sun (with interest). I was a bit wary of e-mailing Mr Anes but I am now glad that I did. Maybe just maybe The Sun will think twice before assuming that the public are fools and will swallow whatever they care to give us.

Well done to Laffin Assasin for finding the original article."


Fantastic work the 3 arguidos! According to Correio da Manhã, Mr Anes will now sue The Sun newspaper. More here on Joana Morais blog


Correio da Manhã article here

José Manuel Anes website here and the english translated website here

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