Spot the differences: by Gonçalo Amaral

A three-year-old little girl is missing. The police started an investigation. It collected traces in the boot of the mother’s car that point towards the child’s death. In the car boot, the dogs marked human cadaver odour, and hair that is similar to that of the missing girl was found. The mother was charged with homicide, abuse, neglect and perjury.

It’s difficult to escape comparisons with recent cases that happened in our country. While it’s certain that every case is different, even more so because this little girl’s name was Caylee, she was a brunette and lived in the USA, there was also the creation of a fund and of an internet site, posters were distributed and bracelets were sold. It seems that in the United States justice is working, not allowing for processes to be archived awaiting better evidence, valuing indicia that results from inconsistencies or contradictions in witness statements and/or biological residues that are found in a car boot.

I don’t know whether our jurists and other experts, who oppose canine faith and defend the archiving of processes waiting for better evidence, may have something to learn from North-American magistrates and investigators, or if it’s only an issue of nationality of the dogs. Wise words were spoken by someone over the evidence of Caylee’s death: "Speaking as a father, a day doesn't pass where I wish the evidence that we have gathered didn't add up to the painfully obvious. Sadly, I cannot change the facts surrounding the investigation."

source: Correio da Manhã, 18.10.2008

by Astro on Joana Morais

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