Something stinks: Is it Clarence Mitchell's MMU?

ALL telephone calls, emails and text messages in Britain will be monitored under new Government snooping plans.

A £12billion identity database at the GCHQ spy centre could even log every website visited by computer users nationwide.

Hundreds of bugging probes will be installed in the telephone system and computer networks to monitor communications traffic.

GCHQ has already been handed £1billion of taxpayers’ cash to begin developing the database.

After the top-secret plans were leaked yesterday critics accused the Government of stalking the public. Michael Parker of anti-identity card group No2ID said: “It is a shocking intrusion into privacy. This is stalking. If an individual carried out this sort of snooping, it would be a crime.”

Shadow Home Secretary Dominic Grieve said the proposal marked “a substantial shift in the powers of the state to obtain information on individuals”. And after a series of embarrassing security blunders including the loss of child benefit records for every family in the country, he questioned Whitehall’s competence to keep such data. He said: “Given the Government’s poor record on protecting data and seeing how significant an increase in power this would be, we need to have a national debate and the Government would have to justify its need.”

The plan for the biggest surveillance system in British history is being spearheaded by GCHQ director Sir David Pepper.

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Some of the comments:

06.10.08, 2:33pm
hey folks don,t worry about IT doesn,t matter how much information the police/goverment collect about you . so people can neglect children by going out night after night drinking and leaving them alone like the m c canns BECAUSE the portugese police wanted background reports on them but our goverment made sure the pj didn,t get it and they lost one of their children remember.
• Posted by: big_L

06.10.08, 2:44pm
What on earth is happening in this once great country? Men and women fought for our freedom and here it is taken away . It is getting like a police state and our freedom of speech and privacy is eroding fast.Strange how Clarence Mitchell was working on spying Internet blogs and watching what we say before he left his job with goverment.
• Posted by: KIM48

06.10.08, 3:25pm
Stinks of the mmu, has mitchell been rehired?
• Posted by: isis

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