Senior British police officers aghast that Kate and Gerry McCann never faced charges

Here is a section of another post from 'Spudgun', on the 3 arguidos, whose editor friend has a copy of the Portuguese police DVD that includes the extra 40,000 pages that are not (yet) in the public domain.

"I shall certainly be looking forward to reading the documents, when they have been translated. I would also like to confirm that it is FORTY thousand ADDITIONAL documents, that have been forwarded to the McCanns and their legal team. These papers have NOT been released to anyone else, anywhere. I am told that amongst these papers are documents relating to the Forensics procedures relating to Birmingham FSS, information which has previously been reported as having been suppressed by British 'officials'. I have yet to ascertain what else may be in those papers. It is not so much a question of them being 'held in secret', as there is NO legal requirement for those papers to be made public. Like I suggested, I believe the documents that HAVE been released were done so by the Portuguese to hopefully try and redress the balance.

For me, it is great news that, (according to the documents), the BRITISH authorities are not buying the official line of the McCanns innocence. I truly always believed that the UK Police were instructed and briefed by those 'on high', with regards the case, and were never really allowed to make any kind of structured investigation of their own. It would appear that nothing could be further from the truth! That, in actual fact, MANY senior police officers are as aghast and as amazed as members of this Forum are that the McCanns never faced charges.

I am informed that during the intense questioning process of Kate McCann in Portugal, she came 'very close' to breaking under duress and making some confession. However, an 'unknown' British individual stepped in and halted the proceedings, resulting in the now famous 'NO COMMENT' statement to over 40 questions. This was witnessed, apparently, by BRITISH Police officers. The identity of this individual who interjected proceedings is , apparently, NOT given in the documents. Not surprisingly, the Portuguese were outraged by this intervention and it is stated that senior officers were adamant that the McCanns be refrained from leaving the country as they believed that charges were going to be very soon made. In fact, they tried to broke a deal with the McCanns lawyers which would allow them to remain 'on bail', whilst investigations and subsequent court proceedings entailed. What happened next is history. The McCanns completed their interrogation and booked the next available flight out, back to UK. They were somehow, allowed to leave. Equally importantly, they were never made to return.

My feeling, at this current point in time, is that any investigation will take the form of a BOOK, rather than a documentary, as the intricate tapestry of a legal minefield that the McCanns have woven around themselves makes it very difficult indeed for anyone to say ANYTHING, (as witnessed by the News of the World barely a MONTH ago, which made a 'contribution' to the McCann fund for publishing extracts from Kate's diary without her permission, even though they said nothing derogatory about her at all; rather, the article slagged off the PORTUGUESE!!!. How do they do it? Slate the Portuguese, big up Kate and Gerry AND get a big fat payment for it to help pay for their mortgage; sorry, to 'Find Madeleine'.)

Of ONE thing I am certain. It is absolutely paramount that this Forum remains; that its members continue to contribute in a healthy, constructive manner and that a gorgeous little girl is never allowed to be forgotten."

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