Sean and Amelie and the legacy of the McCanns: what's in the urn on the mantlepiece mummy?

I wonder if Kate and Gerry McCann have given any thought to how Sean and Amelie will cope with the mysterious disappearance of their sister, Maddie, in years' to come?

According to Kate, the twins are still reminded of Maddie. Kate tells them that she is lost and that they are looking for her.

In just a few years' time, the twins will be old enough to get online and start looking for the truth about Maddie themselves. What are they going to find? The 3 Arguidos? Joana Morais blog? Paulo Reis? How about Gonçalo Amaral's blog and his book "The truth of the lie"?

What will the twins think when they see the videos of Eddie and Keela and how Eddie barked when he found cadaver scent behind the sofa and in the boot of their hire car? And how Keela gave a passive indication in exactly the same spot? Even if you believe one sniffer dog, with a 100% success rate to date, could be wrong - what are the chances that two highly trained sniffer dogs would be wrong in the same places?

You cannot keep kids off the internet, you cannot stop their enquiring minds, and you cannot keep them from asking questions. How will they feel when they discover there really was NO abductor and that the Portuguese police believe their own parents were responsible for Maddie's demise and concealment? How will they feel when they learn that their own parents did not physically search for Maddie at all because they were too busy jogging? How will they feel when they learn that their parents lied to them? That their parents staged an abduction and framed an innocent man and set about to con pensioners and schoolchildren out of their pensions and pocket money for a fraudulent fund that helped pay their mortgage?

The same goes for the children of the McCanns friends. People will always remember this case as being one of the biggest scams of all time and this will be relayed to the twins, and the other children, in one way or another, and that will prompt them to research their sister. How will Jane Tanner's children feel when they discover she was paid a lot of money to help frame an innocent man? How will David Payne's daughter feel when she reads of the alleged suspicions about his inappropriate gestures when talking about her and Maddie to Gerry McCann?

Maybe, just maybe, the chidren of these hideous NHS doctors will be the ones who discover the truth because, although Maddie has tragically lost her life, all of the children will tragically be damaged by this obscene circus.

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Gonçalo Amaral's 'Maddie: Truth of the Lie

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Richard D. Hall: 'When Madeleine Died?'
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