Medical Director, Dr Allan Cole, UHL Trust quickly adopts Pact of Silence

24 October 2008

Dear Dr Cole

Thank you for passing my concerns to your Legal Affairs department.

It is unfortunate that I apparently misinterpreted your comment about 'risk' and I assume you will say I have misinterpreted your statement that you do not consider the employment of these two doctors to carry any more risk than any other healthcare professional in the Trust.

From your statement that these two doctors pose no more risk than any other healthcare professional could be construed that ALL healthcare professionals have some skeletons in their closet of this nature. I could mention Harold Shipman, Beverly Allit, Colin Norris or even your own doctor who killed a member of your own staff

The issues I have outlined in my concerns which you, as Medical Director, will not help me with, relates to two doctors at your hospital - one who is believed to be involved in the demise and concealment of his own daughter, involved in staging an abduction, framing an innocent man and creating a fraudulent fund. The other doctor, David Payne, has been reported to Leicestershire police, as has Gerry McCann, for making sexual remarks and lewd gestures about their own children. This report was made to the police by two doctors and is available on the files that the Portuguese police has released into the public domain. Either the other two doctors who reported McCann and Payne are liars or they aren't. If they are liars then they have abused their position of trust by lying to the police. If they are not liars then their allegations about McCann and Payne must be true and McCann and Payne have broken their position of trust. Doctors are supposed to be amongst the professionals the public are supposed to trust.

Either way you look at it there is a bunch of doctors in the NHS who have broken their strict Code of Conduct and position of trust and have brought the NHS into disrepute - this can only get worse. Further, the UHL/NHS condones this appalling behaviour by continuing to employ these doctors, whilst they're still under suspicion, and also they condone negligence and fraud by linking the official hospital website directly to the fraudulent Fund. This is a matter of public concern which you are washing your hands of. Indeed, your stubborness to retain the link to the fraudulent fund endorses your commitment to fraud.

There is also the matter that the McCanns have publicly admitted that they left all their children alone every night in an unlocked apartment until the worst happened, despite Kate McCanns admission in The Sun newspaper that she had a bad feeling about the holiday and felt her family was being watched. Despite those feelings they still abandoned their children. In fact, all the other doctors did the same - you will be aware that one child was vomiting. I believe she was just a baby. The parents say they were checking their children every 30 minutes but, as doctors, they will know that a fatal incident can occur in less time than this, particularly a baby who is vomiting. This is gross negligence that the NHS is condoning. If these doctors can treat their own children in this horrendous manner, what hope is there for their patients? Are you saying that, because you have put measures in place, which you won't disclose, that their patients would be treated better than their own children? The scandal of the Postcode Lottery would dispute that and it just so happens I have a blog about that too

You may well ask why I feel so outraged about the state of the NHS. Well, my former husband, xxxx xxxxxxxx, was deliberately misdiagnosed by Sir Professor Peter Bell of Leicester Royal Infirmary and I have a blog about that too In fact, I wrote a book about it. He was sent home to die by a Knighted professor which ultimately turned out to be criminally wrong. This saga ruined our marriage and livelihoods and was not addressed by the NHS or Healthcare Commission or the Ombudsman, so I am well aware of how everyone closes ranks to protect each other as you are doing now.

As with this complaint, that one also got nowhere despite a persons life being at the heart of the issue - but then this complaint also has a person at its heart, a person called Madeleine McCann who was only three years old. It is one matter to cover up the negligence of a 52 year old, but a three year old is something else. When a child is denied justice then it is time to act. A crime against a child is the worst possible scenario, particularly when that crime is committed by her own parents, which is why so many people are seeking the truth. Despite threats from lawyers we will not give up. You will be aware that Goncalo Amaral's dog was killed with a serious head injury as a threat and that Sergei Malinka's car was torched as a threat to him.

The truth of what happened to Madeleine McCann will eventually come out. There are many people, including myself, who are shocked and outraged about what happened to her, and the obvious intention to prevent the truth being known. You will know that the Portuguese Chief Inspector, Goncalo Amaral, who was removed from the investigation by Gordon Brown, has written a book and is making a documentary. It is only a matter of time before it becomes public knowledge here in the UK and the NHS will not be able to say they were unaware of the circumstances surrounding the tragic demise of this little girl who no longer has a voice. The people who are protecting the McCanns have Maddie's blood on their hands and you should all be ashamed or your Pact of Silence and your threats of sending valid concerns to your legal affairs department.

The NHS is funded by the taxpayer, of which I am one, and this is a matter of public concern and I would like some answers please.

Jill Havern

Dear Dr Cole

Thank you for your email.

I note you state "the Trust has taken all appropriate measures to ensure that the public and patients are not put at any additional risk".

I am pleased you have acknowledged that there is some risk, as you have stated people are not put at any "additional" risk. Please can you confirm what measures you have taken? Please can you also confirm what risks you are aware of.

You also state that you are not aware of any fraudulent activity. I believe this statement is naive because the Portuguese police have released their findings of the investigation on a DVD, which is easily available, and on that DVD it clearly shows the evidence of two British sniffer dogs which detected the scent of Maddie's death in the McCanns apartment and hire car. Given that the police believe Maddie is dead and the fund was set up to find a 'live' Madeleine, would confirm that the Fund is, in fact, fraudulent. How can they find a 'live' Madeleine when she is dead? Why are they continuing to appeal for public money in this case? And why is UHL endorsing this fraudulent fund and encouraging members of the public to donate to this fraudulent fund?

If you haven't seen the DVD video of the British sniffer dogs, it is here on my website where I am also publishing all correspondence with UHL and the GMC. You will find evidence from the Portuguese police DVD etc.

Jill Havern


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