Mark Wightman: a further letter of complaint

Dear Mr Wightman, Director of Communications and External Affairs

I refer to the email I sent you on 29 September, which you have neither acknowledged nor responded to. My initial enquiries were sent two months ago, by email then regular mail, to Melanie Wright, your Communications Manager, who also failed to acknowledge or respond. To date, I have to say I am not impressed with your Communications and External Affairs Department, particularly when my enquiry involves the serious issue of possible fraud and negligence within your hospital.

I would like to give you a little background information about myself in order that you may understand why I am particularly concerned about fraud and negligence within your hospital. In 2003, my new husband was deliberately misdiagnosed as inoperable and terminally ill by Sir Professor Peter Bell and given 1-2 years to live. I say deliberately misdiagnosed because after a very lengthy, time-consuming, fight with the NHS I discovered that my new husband was not, in fact, inoperable and, after fourteen months, I was able to prise information out of Sir Professor Peter Bell in order that my husband could have a life saving operation with Professor Robert Bonser at the Queen Elisabeth Hospital, two miles from my house, here in Birmingham. Four years later, he remains fit and well which proves he was not inoperable. However, the trauma we endured because of the deliberate negligence from your hospital and trying to save his life, destroyed our marriage. You will appreciate that I take this issue seriously. In fact, so seriously, that because of the lack of response about this negligence from your hospital, I wrote to the Prime Minister - who also didn't care less. But then why would he, when he is the one who sets the targets for the hospitals to meet? So I wrote a book about this scandal and created a website to help raise awareness. On that website I have published the complete details of the negligence we experienced at the hands of Sir Professor Peter Bell of Leicester Royal Infirmary and I have published evidence. That website is here.

It was apparent that my husband was a victim of the Postcode Lottery and that Sir Professor Peter Bell decided to save money for your hospital by denying him a life saving operation - and failed to use NHS guidelines to refer him to a specialist who could perform the life saving operation. At the time, I was mortified to realise this, but now it is apparent that denying treatment is common practice within the NHS as a whole. To that effect, I have also created another website about the Postcode Lottery which is here. I notice that the scandal of negligence continues at your hospital with the recent case of Lynda Greatorex, a member of your own staff, who died due to a catalogue of medical blunders. Article here.

So, now we have a case of, not only negligence towards your patients but also to your own member of staff. And, of course, there is the negligence caused by a member of your staff, Dr Gerry McCann, that resulted in the 'disappearance' of his daughter who the Portuguese police believe is dead due to the findings of two British sniffer dogs. In fact, they go further to say they believe Maddie died in the McCanns apartment and the parents concealed her body. I'm sure you can appreciate how serious this matter is, particularly as the Fund the McCanns have set up can only be considered to be fraudulent. A fund that you stated in your email, you will continue to support. I have asked you to, at least, put a disclaimer on the UHL website to alert members of the general public to the fact that their donations could be, once again, used to pay the McCanns mortgage. I see this has not been done. Can you explain why? You will appreciate that as a consultant Cardiologist, Dr McCann earns a great deal of money, particularly as he also works in the private sector at Spire Hospital, and you might also appreciate that some of the donations to this fraudulent fund have come from pensioners and schoolchildren who would not have realised their pensions or pocket money would be used to benefit the parents rather than Madeleine who they claim to be seeking.

In your email you also claim that "Many people in Leicester's Hospital who know the family would disagree with the points I make", even though those points were made from an official police report. You go on to say that "we remain committed to supporting our staff and finding Madeleine".

Having seen my husband a victim of negligence and the Postcode Lottery at your hospital, I created a further website solely for helping to raise awareness of Madeleine McCanns plight. But once the Portuguese police shelved the case and concluded that Madeleine was, in fact, dead, it put a completely different perspective on her case. It would seem that Maddie's plight has now been divided into two 'camps' - Team McCann and Team Maddie.

Team McCann continue to raise money, even with chain email letters from Dr McCanns sister, Philomena McCann who directs people to the 'official Madeleine site' where we are invited to donate - whilst Team Maddie, on the other hand, continue to pursue the truth of what happened to her.

Your use of the word "we" suggests you speak on behalf of other people, and for the sake of argument I will refer to them as 'Team McCann supporters' and assume you are their spokesperson as you have said "we" continue to support them.

I have had the misfortune of having my websites visited by 'Team McCann supporters' who operate from a forum called "Madeleine McCann: Missing but not forgotten". On first viewing you could be forgiven for thinking this is a forum that is helping to find Madeleine, as you suggest in your email. However, upon further inspection, it is clear that they are primarily there to disrupt other forums and websites by bragging about how many times they've been banned for creating havoc. In fact, I noticed a message directed to myself from a 'Team McCann supporter' who, having seen my website, said that he hoped I would end up on a hospital trolley for 48 hours. Indeed, they regard me as a 'nutter' for being concerned and outspoken about victims of the Postcode Lottery and the NHS Death Row, which includes children and babies.

From what you said in your email, that you continue to support Dr McCann, are you saying that you not only condone fraud and negligence, but also abuse of this nature from 'Team McCann supporters'?

In a nutshell, the plight of Madeleine McCann boils down to her, and her two-year-old siblings, having been abandoned, neglected, possibly sedated, possibly died from an accident, possibly her body was concealed by her parents who then laid the blame for her disappearance on Robert Murat, the David Payne lookalike, who has since been vindicated and compensated. We have a bizarre family who have turned Maddie's disappearance into a money making circus, aided and abetted by Leicester hospital that Dr McCann works for, and a whole host of 'Team McCann supporters' who disrupt and abuse anyone who asks valid questions about the disappearance of this innocent little three year old girl whose mystery is being covered up by the government, police, media and NHS. The whole affair is extremely sinister, which keeps many people gripped to finding any information about Maddie. And, of course, you continue to employ Dr McCann despite all the suspicions surrounding him - aswell as the suspicions surrounding Dr David Payne.

I anticipate that you may be having problems responding to my emails, so I invite you to read the evidence I have accummulated on my website. You will also be able to see that I am publishing our letters on my website to raise awareness of the ignorance I keep experiencing from the NHS. You will also be able to see from the Live Traffic Feed that people from all around the world are concerned about this case and are asking questions that we feel only people in authority, such as yourself, can answer.

I'm sure you appreciate that Madeleine's investigation has only been shelved, and can be re-opened at any time, and could eventually lead to a trial. If they are found guilty, how will you address the part you have played in the crime of supporting a fraudulent fund on your hospital website when you have been alerted to the problem?

There is something extremely sad about a little girl who is being denied justice and the blatant efforts of her parents who seek to escape justice at all costs. Together with their obvious reluctance to talk about this case since having their 'arguido' status removed and their obvious reluctance to sue Gonçalo Amaral, despite his invitation, about the revelations in his book which only serve to confirm that the police must be right.

If you feel unable to help me with my concerns, please supply me with details of a person within UHL who I can write to. After all, there's not much point in having a complaints system if I can't be allowed to use it. I have come to realise that any such complaint is treated like 'pass the parcel' in the NHS and that no one relishes the idea of having to respond, despite having a responsibility to do so, but as you will see from my websites I have been trying to obtain answers from UHL and the NHS for over five years now and I don't give up easily, especially when there is a little girl at the heart of the issue.

Jill Havern

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