The lawyer of Drs Gerry and Kate McCann now denies he is being paid to frame Gonçalo Amaral, even though the McCanns had already framed Robert Murat

"They've asked me to get in the Case"

The private detectives agency, Metodo 3, hired by the McCann couple asked Marcos Aragão Correia to enter in the 'Joana Case'.

(Joana Cipriano was murdered by her mother and her body has never been found.)

It is the lawyer, himself, who admits that Metodo3 ordered him to do 'an investigation' to the outlines regarding the [alleged] torture accusation of Joana's mother, by the PJ - the target, between the 5 inspectors, was evident: Gonçalo Amaral.

Regardless, the [liar, pardon], the lawyer guarantees that now no one is paying him.

The private detective agency Metodo 3, contacted yesterday by CM, denied any connection whatsoever to the lawyer. The payment was also denied, even though Aragão Correia has already admitted that he received money to pay the 'expenses' when he made the searches to find Maddie's corpse in the dam of Bravura, in Lagos.

The lawyer from Madeira [Portuguese Island], told he had a supernatural indication to the whereabouts of the body of the British child and that he had gone to the Algarve at his own expenses. He entered in contact with the McCann Detectives, which made him a request: "They have asked me to try to get involved in the Case Joana to obtain statements from Leonor and her brother and to try to understand if there was torture, nothing else", he guarantees.

This at a time where suspicions have been raised that by defending Leonor, he is being paid by someone who is interested that Gonçalo Amaral is convicted, precisely because he was the Coordinator of the investigation to the Case Maddie, which pointed towards the involvement of the parents in the crime. "I don't get paid in pounds or in euros. I am here for principles, and my objective is to set free Leonor."


So, this lawyer is working for free to try to "set free" a convicted woman who murdered her own child... because of his principles? Unbelievable.


Source: Correio da Manhã, by Rui Pando Gomes
Complete article translated on Joana Morais

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