Kate McCann's confession to her mother: "It was an accident, Mum, it was an accident."

29. Kate McCann confessing to her mother on the ‘phone, soon after Madeleine disappeared: ‘It was an accident, Mum, it was an accident’

When Kate McCann initially reported Madeleine’s disappearance to her mother, she said:

“There’s been a disaster”, itself a very odd term to use if there had been an abduction, or kidnap - and especially as she said it only a few minutes after Madeleine had apparently gone missing.

As the conversation with her mother progressed, and Kate’s mother wanted to know more, Kate said to her mother: ‘It was an accident, Mum, it was an accident’.

The term ‘accident’ could not refer to the abduction; Kate was clearly referring to something else that had happened to Madeleine that could be described as ‘an accident’.

The use of the term’ accident’ is far more likely to have been referring to Madeleine’s death than to her abduction.

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