Kate and Gerry McCann: Request to Jeremy Kyle

For a long time, Kate and Gerry said they couldn't talk about the investigation, and mystery surrounding Maddie's disappearance, because of the Portuguese secrecy laws and because they were subject to 'Arguido' status.

Kate also offered to take a Lie Detector Test.

Jeremy Kyle, please invite Kate and Gerry onto your show because they are now free to talk about this. I also believe you can do Lie Detector tests free of charge.

Kate and Gerry have always insisted that Maddie is still alive and unharmed, despite saying that she has been taken by a paedophile ring. They insist they will leave no stone unturned.

Please help Kate and Gerry prove their innocence by inviting them to take the Lie Detector test on your show, in front of millions of viewers, so that we can see for ourselves that we have been wrong about them.