Kate and Gerry McCann: FORTY THOUSAND PAGES of police documents not in public domain

'Spudgun': REAL NEW HOPE in those 30, 000 Police File Documents!!

"I have long opined that this case is effectively hopeless; pretty much from the outset. I have always maintained that, far from knowing what happened on that night in May 2007 and whether or not Kate and Gerry were in any way complicit in the disappearance of their daughter, my interest and dismay over this case has always centred on what I have always perceived to be a Government and Media that is hell bent on ensuring that we were always, effectively as a whole NATION, coerced into a unified conclusion:- That Madeleine McCann was abducted; that the Portuguese Authorities, its Press and its People were useless and ineffective at best, lying, scheming and fabricating at worst.

Oh, and that Kate and Gerry were deserving of all our utmost sympathy, reverence, adulation. And money. Preferably lots of it. All donors welcome. Deserving also, (apparently), of attention from several of the wealthiest business people in the country. Pure coincidence, of course, that most of them were also major LABOUR party funds donors.

What with blessings and tidings from the Vatican, private jets galore, meetings with world dignitaries, dinners at the Whitehouse, invitations from EU Legal reform groups, hugs and kisses from every 'Z' list armchair celeb and gossip queen in the land, not to mention billions of fawning, sycophantic, toadying column inches from every columnist in every publication, just about the only things missing were a hand-picked Government spokesman and personal telephone chats from the Prime Minister himself.

Ah, yes. Quite.

So, my friends, as I have often been wont to say, the problem for me is that, not only were uncomfortable and disturbing questions not being answered. They simply weren't being asked. And still aren't.

And just in case there are any journals and publications in the UK who might think about posing a little question or two, make sure your Editor has the funds necessary to contribute to the 'Madeleine' fund. Call me a sodden old cynic, if you must, but given that EVERY SINGLE BROADSHEET, TABLOID AND GUTTER PRESS MAG at some stage over the past 17 Months reproduced comments and tales being published in the Portuguese Press, if I actually had to bet my life on which newspaper would have voluntarily coughed up a huge sum in 'compensation' to the McCanns, the only criteria I would have considered is this:- Which Editor is also a major Labour Party Donor? one who did so, merely to ensure that the Government approved his application for newspaper proprietorship? One who, perhaps, might have to be called on to do the same party a massive favour some time in the future?

Yes indeedy. Richard Desmond, proprietor of that shining beacon of Journalistic excellence, the Daily Express. The same Richard Desmond who amassed a personal fortune from the production, publication and propagation of Pornographic materials for over 30 Years. The same Richard Desmond who has proven past dealings with the New York-based Gambino Mafia/organized crime family. A man who, in any other circumstances, would be more likely to pay Kate McCann £250,000 to pose in a Page 3 spread than by way of compensation.

Ah, yes. I had long ago given up any hope of any serious attention or investigation being apportioned to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann by the British Media. For whatever reasons, and god knows they must be pretty powerful and significant reasons, this was always a case from day ONE, that was destined to be made into something else entirely different from the one that the Portuguese were investigating. This case was destined to go down in history as one of the most perplexing, controversial and heart wrenching missing persons cases of all time.


The recent release of the case files regarding the investigation itself, (NOT the courts conclusions but the actual police investigation documents that were submitted to the judge), has been raising a few eyebrows amongst at least two of the British journalists from the comparatively few that have received copies of it. Those papers substantiate a lot of what has been discussed on this and other Forums over the Months, and include a few interesting snippets that were not even leaked in the Portuguese Press. (NB: Please don't ask me to reveal the contents!!! There's nothing there that is THAT amazing, and little that some of didn't already know or believe anyway, but I don't want to set alarm bells ringing in Lawyers offices any more than they have been recently already).

What I CAN say, is that I am personally delighted and re-assured by the apparent overwhelming belief, (amongst the relevant BRITISH Police authorities that have been involved in the McCann case), that the McCanns WERE involved with the demise and disposal of their daughter. I always felt that a large proportion of the British police were towing the official line, (Bungling Porto Plod etc...) but NOT according to the case files. Equally interesting is the statements made by someone who was involved with the handling of Eddie and Keela, who has complained about being 'co-erced' to make comments that reduce the impact and gravity of the dogs 'findings'. Another apparent revelation is that, many Portuguese AND British Police believe that Kate to be ALONE, responsible for the demise of Madeleine, and Gerry for the disposal. Not just a wild 'Forum' babbling after all.

As a consequence of this, I have renewed hope that perhaps a serious investigation will be undertaken in the New Year by at least one, reputable and renowned Media organisation. This will not be easy. The veil of protection that shrouds this case is still strong and thick, with writs and injunctions ready to fly at anyone who dares to suggest ANYTHING, irrespective of what the case papers reveal.

One last, disturbing aspect of this case for me is this:- A personal friend of mine, who is a renowned and respected ex-newspaper editor, who now runs his own Media Consultancy company, was one of the comparatively select few who has SEEN and is having TRANSLATED, the 30,000 pages of notes, documents and evidence from the case. What really astounded him was not these THIRTY thousand pages.

It's the ADDITIONAL, AND COMPLETEY SEPERATE FORTY THOUSAND PAGES that were apparently forwarded to the McCanns legal team in August, for their eyes alone; exempt from those released to the Media.

But just maybe. We may never have those answers.

But there are now going to be questions. "

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