Kate and Gerry McCann: Arguido status removed so why the silence?

For months, Kate and Gerry and their family couldn't keep out of the limelight. They were appearing on as many TV shows, and in as many magazines and newspapers, as possible. Whenever they were asked awkward questions, they were able to use the Portuguese secrecy laws and their arguido status to avoid answering: "I can't comment on that.", "I can't go into that as it's part of the investigation." etc...

But the secrecy laws have been lifted, as has their arguido status, and the investigation has been shelved, so why the silence? Why are the McCanns not shouting from the rooftops for the UK police to find their lovely daughter?

Didn't the McCanns say they wanted to keep Maddie's profile high? That they would leave no stone unturned? Why the silence?

Could it possibly be because they would have to answer those awkward questions now and the public would be able to hear their lies and inconsistencies for themselves?

Yep, that'd be it.

After all, it's doubtful they really want Maddie found or Kate would have answered the 48 questions put to her by the police, the Tapas 9 would have returned to Portugal for the reconstruction, Kate would have taken that lie detector test she volunteered to take, they would have asked the PJ for the investigation to remain opened, or they would have taken Mr Amaral's advice and made a formal complaint to the British police for them to find Maddie.

Nothing from Kate and Gerry, nothing from the Tapas 7, nothing from Philomena McCann, nothing from John McCann, and nothing from the grandparents.

Silence....except for the ker-chink of 'libel' blood money going into the fraudulent fund.
Discussion at the 3 arguidos here and here
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