Gordon Brown and the sinister government involvement in the Madeleine McCann case

Here's a very good post from 'Malena Stool' at The 3 Arguidos:

Whatever the political reasoning behind the cover up of a missing 3 year old child goes across the whole spectrum of party politics, and may even involve the Official Secrets Act. Otherwise why are the opposition parties themselves not beating a path to Brown's door clamouring for answers from Brown and hastening the departure from power of the most odious and deceitful regime to be involved in an English Parliament?

1. Just what hot potato is being tossed around causing D Notices to be slapped on the media reporting the truth?
2. Why were MI6 involved from the outset?
3. Why were the media allowed and encouraged to print blatant lies, xenophobic and libellous statements about Portugal, a sovereign and friendly state, indeed the oldest ally this nation has?
4. Would they have been permitted to print such criminally stupid garbage if Madeleine had gone missing in America?
5 Why wasn't Murat afforded the same embassy support as the parents who were also acknowledged as suspects? (Murat was however, only fingered as a suspect by a reporter and friends of the parents )
6. Why did the Foreign Office interfere with and delay the passing of multiple items of information between UK and Portuguese police forces which may have been instrumental in locating the missing child?
7. Why was the evidence of Eddy and Keela trashed?
8. Why was the FSS evidence trashed?
9. Why was Brown involved with the dismissal of Amaral?

This is by no means a complete list of WHYS, just all I could put together in a 5 minute rant.

Brown should come clean and tell the nation what or who is being covered up and why. Madeleine, a 3 year old child when disappearing, deserves that much respect at least.

Discussion at The 3 Arguidos here and here


As you can see from the photo, Gordon Brown is a family man - he has two young children, one around the same age as Maddie? - so what possible motive could he have for denying a young child, such as Maddie, justice? Is this really how he would behave if one of his children was killed sorry, abducted?

As someone said on The 3 Arguidos: "something stinks and it ain't Cuddlecat."

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Richard D. Hall: 'When Madeleine Died?'
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Prime Minister introduces Prime Suspect to Royalty

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