Gonçalo Amaral: "That is one of the best games I have seen done"

Saturday October 18, 2008

TV Guide - printed Edicición
Moita Flores interview with Gonçalo Amaral

The McCann knew that I was going to take
Invited by TV Guide interviewed my former colleague of the PJ and former coordinator of the Maddie case.

Account of why he was the subject of lies and how the parents of the girl hid the truth Moita Flowers: Anyone reading this conversation in these pages is going to say you're done!
Such was the television to say the same thing was said by others and will be difficult to convince the bad language that years ago that we had not spoken.
Gonçalo Amaral: Yes. The last time we talked was before the departure of PJ, I was in service in the Azores.
MF: And now how you doing? The book you've written, "The truth lies," is out there. 're Retired and they call you from all sides ..
GA: I do not talk. I'm exhausted. I came to have lunch with you because I promised, I'm going to Vigo. I know there are a hundred people waiting for me.
MF: Vigo, Madrid ...
GA: I have also presented the book in Seville and Barcelona, in front of hundreds of readers and the mass media.
MF: I read El Pais and I have seen one or two channels in Spanish.
GA: Eight televisions! Can you imagine what's that? La Prensa in full. We no longer know where to turn. Until Hello! ..
MF: And the sales? I know that Portugal are going well. At least in the bookstores that I frequent, yet I see at the top of the lists.
GA: Here we are in the 180 000 copies sold, and we very quickly towards the 200 000 thousand. Spain did not have figures yet, but I know it is sold very well.
MF: And in England?
GA (laughs): Are you kidding? ....
MF: And in other countries?
GA: To be published in Italy, the Netherlands and Denmark. Very soon I will go there, because the Danish publisher has issued the possibility of distributing it in Norway and Sweden. We'll see ...
MF: Your determination is to settle accounts with those who worked for McCann. They mistreated you.
GA: Believe me, I have no "anger". I am not even angry. I understood his game and you know well, how is this game, the lies about me, handling is not towards the citizen Gonçalo Amaral. They were against the investigator who knew their weaknesses and would catch them one day or another.
It was all a matter of time. The McCann knew that was going to cogerlos. As you saw, it was sufficient that the process has been shelved so that everything ends. At the moment, I am convinced that they no longer remember or my name. However, the game is still the same. We want to capture them, and they escape, and that's it.
Sometimes the bandits are the ones that win, other times it is the police. This time, and in this case, step what happened. Have ceased to insult me, have left the campaign to find her daughter, it's over. They have achieved what they wanted and, therefore, resumed peace. "One grenade" into book form.
MF: And you throw a grenade "which is called The Truth of lies" in the midst of this peace. Anyone who reads his testimony is with little doubt about the fate of the girl. She died in that apartment.
GA: Your doubts?
MF: No. Neither I nor my former colleagues who worked with me. When this story happened, I was in Greece and learned of the news by an English television. The story was told so badly that only a naive or a fool could believe it. And besides, when you arrive, I had dinner with several fellow retirees who have worked in homicide, and the view is the same. The detail of the window killed version. Nobody can pass this piece of window.
GA: The window made me hesitate. And not only that.
MF: But I insist on the window. The mother said that they will never touch.
GA: That never opened it.
. MF: Now that I have read the report, I realized that there were fingerprints. And in a way that show a gesture of openness.
GA: It was out there, for the fingerprints of Kate in the window and how they were placed, I wanted to capture them.
MF: That is the truth from falsehood.
GA: Among others. That was one of the best games I have seen done to divert attention from what really happened in the apartment. The manner in which "worked" for Smith was brilliant.
MF: The couple acknowledged that the parent with the child in her arms.
GA: Exactly. He was in such a way that perhaps one's own Gerry reported that a witness saw the situation as if it were another type.
MF: With the clothes that the friend has done in the "portrait-robot".
GA: No more, no less.
MF: Keep drinking beer, or you're not drinking red wine after the news of the English press?
GA (laughs): I have never drank wine. I do not like red wine.
MF: What you put into the constitution was nervous ""arguidos".
GA: Now that you know the report, tell me ... In light of the former Penal Code, how can I ask Kate: "You lie when he says that he has not touched the window? In fact, it's you who opened the window. We have physical evidence of that."
A question like this requires us to the constitution argued, as it invades the area of constitutional rights. I have to give him the right not to answer, instead of lying. The only solution was to do "arguido"..
MF: In my time was not the case. Se Would have been attacked in such a way that, time to realize, she was already in jail.
GA: Yes, but in your old days, research was done with petrol. Now, all operate with honey. This is a case uncomfortable for all. So, either shelved, quiet, it's like okayEverybody is happy.
MF: And nobody in the dock.
GA: At the moment ...
MF: Do you still think?
GA: It is a burden too big and too serious to be hidden for so many people for life.
MF: I agree with you. Now, tell me. Grilled squid to eat, or play in the premier league? There are "Feijoada of Leitao."
GA: You're crazy. Grilled squid.
MF: Actually, we function with honey.
GA: We're too old for a "feijoada" like that. It's my birthday today and I do not want to die of a heart attack.
MF: You're 49 years old and old is your name? So is what I am, I got that "six minutes" of progress in the overall standings I have 55 years cortitos, and Feb. 23 will give me yet another free.
GA: Be cautious and calls grilled squid.
MF (Al waiter): Squid for us, for the two. Now, it's like in the movies. "Feijoada," only for those under 40 years.

Source: http://mercedessigueaqui.blogspot.com/
I am led to believe that "Mila" from "Hasta que se sepa la Verdad" has done this translation.
So, many thanks to Mila.

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