Gonçalo Amaral: Excerpts from "The Truth of the Lie"

Some extracts in English while the book is not available in the UK

A summary of the key points from 'Maddie, The Truth of the Lie'

This summary obviously cannot cover every single point raised in the book but it covers most of the main points

1 - Gonçalo Amaral starts by thanking family and friends, anonymous citizens who supported him and also cybernauts and bloggers who 'defended the cause of truth and justice'.

2 - Very strange Mr Alipio Ribeiro's remark that making the McCanns arguidos was a hasty decision because he knew all along and agreed with the decision at the time.

3 - The British police agreed with the PJ that Madeleine had died in apartment 5A and that there was a body that needed to be found. Later things seemed to change.

4 - Making them arguidos was inevitable due to the non-incrimination principle. Certain questions could not be asked if they weren't arguidos. Even for their own protection.

5 - Unusual, priviliged treatment for the couple is stressed.

6 - The British police were working very closely with the PJ. They were in a room just next to the 'crisis room' the PJ worked in and were aware of everything that was going on.

7 - The McCanns' routine is described. Madeleine, Sean and Amelie spend most of their time in the creche.

8 - On the 1st of May, Madeleine cries for an hour and 15 minutes, between 10:30 and 11:45pm - and cries for daddy. She only stops when her parents get back home.

9 - The next morning Madeleine questions her parents about not being there while she cried all that time.

10 - When the first police officers arrived at the scene several people were inside the apartment. Gonçalo Amaral says that mistakes were made because the scene should have been recorded (pictures or footage) with the people who were there so important aspects like the way those people were dressed was recorded. The twins were sleeping and did not wake up with the commotion. And the bed sheets on the twins' cots were not there. First 72 hours are extremely important in these cases.

11 - Contradiction regarding the checking times. Some say every 30 minutes, others say every 15 minutes. Gonçalo Amaral calls Glen Power for info on the whole group. Their history could be essential for the case.

12 - Inspector Chief Tavares de Almeida forgets his holiday because of the case. All Portuguese forces were now aware of the crime as well as Interpol. Searches start. The apartment had been contaminated by friends of the couple, employees from the resort, GNR officers and their dogs and other unknown people. Was the contamination out of ignorance or was it on purpose?

13 - Early in the morning, the searches continue. A crime scene team from Lisbon is on the way and the PJ starts to formally interview hundreds of people. The PJ asks British police for help regarding any British tourist present in the Algarve who may have a criminal record. Footage from hotels, banks, supermarkets, gas stations and highways are checked. Spain is alerted to pay attention to departures to Morocco. The harbours of Tarifa and Algeciras are checked through CCTV footage. Marinas in the Algarve are checked as well as their records of arrivals and departures.

14 - The PJ checks all photos and footage from the Tapas 9. Clues could be found there. However, there are no photos or footage at night which might have been useful to help understand what happened that evening. Sexual offenders are checked to make sure they weren't around PDL at the time and the criminal history of PDL is also investigated. No signs of a break in, unlike the McCanns and Sky News reported. The PM (Public Ministry) is informed of the situation. In the document the case is treated like a "Kidnapping?". Mr Amaral said the document is in the files and that as early as the 4th of May there were questions, which explains the question mark after 'kidnapping'.

15 - All possibilities were on the table. The abduction theory was good for the investigation, according to Mr Amaral because it allowed more means, manpower and tools to work with. It wasn't in the best interest of the investigation that the parents and friends were aware that they could be possible suspects. 12 hours after the disappearance a diplomat arrives in Portimao. He was not happy and he was heard to say that the PJ 'wasn't doing anything'.

16 - Info from the British police is late, unlike what normally happens in other cases. No information on the couple, the friends or the children. It was important to be sure that Madeleine was their biological daughter. British Ambassador arrives. All this diplomacy is not normal according to Mr Amaral. 'Who are this couple?'. 'Who are these friends?'.

17 - The searches go on. A helicopter is used and the OC employees are questioned. It's a battle against time because the following day /the 5th of May) is the day some of the potential witnesses are due to return to the UK. The press, Portuguese and British are already in PDL. Why was the press called in so quickly, apparently before the police?

18 - The apartment is checked for finger and hand prints, hair, fibres, blood and other biological evidence. Mistakes were made and Amaral underlines the person on the outside without a full suit on. No signs of break in and no prints of other people other than the ones who were supposed to have been at the apartment. No glove marks found either. A hand-print is found and also fingerprints on the window from where Madeleine was taken according to her parents. The hand-print belonged to one of the first GNR officers who arrived at the scene.

19 - The roadworks being done in the streets of PDL were checked by workmen, police officers and sniffer dogs. The Tapas are formally questioned in Portimão (it's still the morning of the 4th of May). First contradictions are detected. Jane Tanner 'saw' the abductor. Gerry and Jeremy were very close and did not see Jane or the abductor. The need for translation doesn't help because there is more time to think about what people should say. Kate and Gerry have no doubt that it is a kidnapping. Contradictions regarding the door and the window and shutters. (Open, closed, locked, unlocked, etc.)


21h05: Gerry - all is well with the children.

21h10/21h15: Jane Tanner - Sees alleged abductor carrying a child.

21h30: Mathew Oldfield - enter the aprtment but not the bedroom and only sees the twins.

22h00: Kate - finds Madeleine missing.

20 - If the window was open why didn't Oldfield see it if at the time Jane Tanner had already seen the 'abductor'? Matthew says the door was slightly open. Kate states the door was completely open.

21 - Kate mentions the 'abductor' mentioned by Jane but describes him in a completely different way. Jane said the man had light trousers and hair the lenghth of his neck. Kate says the abductor was wearing jeans and had long hair.

22 - The description evolved. Now the abductor was 1.78 m tall, was wearing light trousers and a dark shirt and was carrying a child who seemed to be wearing pyjamas.

23 - Jane's decription evolves again: it is now a dark skinned man, 35-40, thin, around 1.70m, very thick and dark hair neck length, linen trousers beige or gold, Duffy' type jacket but not as thick, classic black shoes, was rushing and was carrying a child in a strange way. By the way the man was dressed, Jane said he didn't look like a tourist. The child was apparently sleeping and she only saw the legs. The child had no shoes on. Cotton pyjamas, light colour, possibly white or pink and maybe flowers on it. Jane said she would recognise the man from behind and by the way he walked.

24 - Jane said she didn't know what Madeleine was supposed to be wearing which surprised the police because 14 hours had passed and Gerry and Kate must have mentioned it, especially because Madeleine's description and clothes had been given to police officers, locals and tourists who were looking for the missing child.

25 - There is footage of a girl looking like Madeline in one gas station. The parents are informed and Kate is asked to return to Portimão to see if it is Madeleine or not. Instead of being full of hope, Kate looks bored for being forced to return to Portimão and seems angry at the speed of the police car which startled police officers.

26 - First press release on the case. Special authorisation has to be requested. Lots of info starts to arrive, especially info from 'psychics' and people who say they had visions and dreams about Madeleine. Although they aren't credible, they are checked everytime it's possible. Several sketches of Madeleine with different hair cuts and colour are done.

27 - On the 4th of May the PJ stays in PDL past 10:00pm because they want to observe the lighting conditions and other details. The police find it surprising that Jane was able to see all those details because it was already quite dark and the visibility is not good. Where did the 'abductor' take Madeline? Was there a car? If there was, why wouldn't anyone see it if the car had to be driven towards the centre of PDL? The beach was the most likely destination to anyone who would not wish to be seen. Gerry stated he entered the apartment using the main entance and using his key. Why? If the back entrance was a lot closer and it was apparently unlocked? Kate and Gerry say the aductor did not enter the apartment from the back entrance because they could see it from the Tapas bar and would have spotted him. That is a lie. And this lie is most likely intended to state that Madeleine and her twin brother and sister were safe and that there was no neglect. They were obviously not safe or Madeleine wouldn't be missing.

28 - Another strange aspect: The abductor enters through the door and leaves through the window carrying a child? Why not using the door again? It would be easier and it wouldn't be so suspicious. The police officers discuss their suspicions in the 'crisis' room. The pressure due to the media frenzy starts to kick in.

29 - Several statements about people acting in a strange way are checked. Some can be discarded but at least one cannot be fully investigated because in the meanwhile those people returned to their countries of origin. However, in that case it was possible to identify the flight and no sign of Madeleine. A gipsy camping site is also checked as well as more than 400 apartments and houses in PDL.

30 - The possibility of searching the Tapas groups apartments is discussed. The interest is to locate Madeleine's clothes, the ones which she was wearing that day to check them for evidence of violence, for instance. However, at this stage it is considered that treating the Tapas as suspects might not be good for the investigation. Mr Amaral considers this, at present, a mistake. But there was too much pressure to investigate the abduction scenario.

31 - It seemed like it was forbidden to suspect the Tapas 7 or the parents. Diplomacy was always around. Publicly the case is treated as a kidnapping to avoid media speculation, although all possibilities are being investigated by the police and many question arise. The media frenzy gets bigger and bigger. The PJ has difficulties dealing with that. At the same time the preoccupation of the McCanns in dealing with the press is noticed.

32 - The PJ keeps an eye on their public appearances. All info is being checked and the PJ starts working on the mobile phones info. No communications which arouse questions are detected, apart from Robert Murat who will later be made an arguido. The PJ check Kate and Gerry's phone records. Kate did not make any phone calls between the 27th April and the 4th of May which arouses suspicions. And hasn't received any between 11:22 on the 2nd of May and 23:17 of the 3rd. Gerry's phone has no record of calls before the 4th at 00:15. But there is a record on Kate's phone of a phone call from her husband on the 3rd May at 23:17. The same record doesn't exist on Gerry's phone. So the records were deleted. Why?

33 - An unconfirmed piece of news arrives at the PJ. Apparently the British secret services had, after the (whatever) crime, tapped the Tapas phones. If that was true the info was never sent to the PJ which also thought about tapping them but who feared the reaction if it was found out and also the refusal of the judge because at the time there wasn't strong reasons to do it.

34 - A bit of the life of the McCanns is described. Kate had a tiring life. Three children to take care of. Madeleine apparently wasn't an easy child. At the time of the holiday Kate was probably exhausted and had mentioned that before leaving for PDL she had a bad feeling/ an omen.

35 - The police found it strange that the children spent so much time in the créche but after interviewing the nannies they were told it was not a general rule but it was quite common with holidaymakers.

36 - Madeleine was at the créche the day she disappeared until 5:30pm. That was the last time anyone outside the group saw her. Madeleine was apparently very close to her dad and revealed an extreme love for her twin brother and sister.

37 - During July and one of Gerry's visits to England, a British Police officer visited him at home. On the fridge there was a piece of paper with some of Madeleine's problems written on it. Madeleine apparently had problems sleeping and used to get up at night quite often. It is mentioned that Madeleine's grandfather admitted that the children were given something to help them sleep. Mr Amaral says this can explain why the twins did not wake up and that it also may have been the basis of Madeleine's tragic faith.

38 - Madeleine's health records were really important and were asked for with insistence. However, they were not sent. Historically, in these types of siuations, apparently the UK is not very cooperative. And the secrecy between doctors and patients was also a setback. Her eye detail may be related to other health problems but without medical records it was not able to confirm this.

39 - The 7th of May. Leicester police officers start to arrive. Later, Scotland Yard also cooperated. Several leads are pursued, 'suspects' found but discarded. Lots of Madeleine sightings. Lots of checking regarding Madeleine sighting. The Morocco saga starts. Mr Amaral talks about the photo of the little girl in Morocco who supposedly looked like Madeleine. Mr Amaral was informed and diligencies to confirm it were done. But Mr Amaral said that he stated it wasn't Madeleine.

40 - The McCanns were at the time of the Morocco sighting already arguidos and both the British and the Portuguese police agreed that Madeleine was dead. However, something strange happened. The British police had shown the McCanns the photo before informing the PJ about its existence. Apparently a British police officer showed them the photo, asked them if it was Madeleine and the McCanns answered: 'It could be'. Gonçalo Amaral was surprised that they weren't sure. After all it was their daughter. We all know how this ended. The child and her mother were identified and it wasn't Madeleine.

41 - 23rd of May: according to Mr Amaral the McCanns contacted Gordon Brown on that day and the PJ knew for sure that now this would be a political case, not a police one.

42 - A man, apparently British who has an Asian background, spotted in a photo with Murat and also in a photo where Gerry is in a park with the children is investigated. Info is collected and the British police check him out and get an identification. He is discarded as not having anything to do with Madeleine and as being in the park with his own daughter and then helping in the searches like hundreds of other tourists. The photo of the man reached the British press. Mr Amaral says he has no idea how it got to the UK papers and why it was published.

43 - One of the tourists told the PJ that he had heard Gerry McCann speaking on the phone and saying that there are paedophile rings operating in Portugal and that they took Madeleine. Mr Amaral says it's fantastic that after some hours the father of a missing child knows what happened to her with such certainty.

44 - It was thought to do the reconstruction in May but that wasn't possible. The number of tourists, the number of journalists and the fact that the air space had to be closed (because of helicopters from the media) and the fact that it would make the public suspect the McCanns were being treated as suspects prevented it.

45 - Mr Amaral thinks that the reconstruction should have been made even one year after and even with the parents only, who were the ones who couldn't refuse to come. He believes it would be helpful.

46 - A Dutch guy contacts the McCanns saying he wants money in exchange for Madeleine/info about Madeleine's whereabouts. The police get involved (PJ, Leicester Police and Scotland Yard). The e-mail exchange continues. The guy wants two million and 500 thousand in advance. All are stressed. All but Gerry who was enjoying a lollipop, reading trivialities on the internet and discussing rugby and football with a British police officer, which surprised the Portuguese and the British police. The guy was arrested and only wanted money. He confessed he knew nothing about Madeleine.

To explain Gerry's cold ways a British officer usually commented with his Portuguese counterparts: "Don't forget the guy starts cutting people in half after breakfast."

47 - Several police officers from several police forces arrive as well as specialists in different areas and profilers. On the 14th of May Kate felt very offended with the liaison officers because they asked her where her daughter was. The McCann couple would not tolerate those questions and doubts. Those liaison officers' job was to make a bridge between the parents and the PJ and support the parents in any way they needed, However, it didn't last a week. After those questions the McCanns decided they did not need them anymore. No one could doubt those parents, let alone officers from their own country, writes Mr Amaral.

48 - A Portuguese PJ officer leaves for the UK to help Leicester police triage info. Three Leicester police officers have a meeting in Portimão with Luís Neves, Guilhermino Encarnação and Gonçalo Amaral. The PJ is informed about the 'incident' between the McCanns and the liason officer(s). As time went by the PJ realised that the theory most pursued in Portugal (Madeleine's death) was not known by everyone in Leicester. A 'rookie' British police officer arrived in the Algarve and was wearing the 'Look for Madeleine' wristband. Portuguese PJ's commented that soon he would not be wearing it anymore, which happened as soon as he came into contact with the files.

49 - Mr Amaral gets a phone call from his scared wife. Somebody had killed one of the family dogs, a Shitzu who had a serious head injury. Mr Amaral went home but was in a hurry because he needed to go back to work and didn't want his children to see the dog like that. He decided that he should bury the dog but the ground was too hard. So he decided to take the dog and put it in the trash bin. While doing so he couldn't help think how easy it was for someone to dispose of a dead body. Amaral's wife asks him to leave the investigation because she is scared. Mr Amaral tells his wife she is not being rational and that there are no reasons to be worried.

50 - Murat's story. His villa drew attention because it was very close to the crime scene and because apparently the abductor was seen walking in that direction. Amaral decides to check and is surprised when a colleague tells him that Murat offered to translate at the scene if it was necessary, since he spoke both English and Portuguese. The police had to resort to volunteers due to the amount of tourists and employees (hundreds) that had to be spoken to, even if informally in the beginning. The PJ starts to check him out, especially after the British journalist's suspicion. The PJ decide that it will be better if they keep him close and continue to use him as a volunteer translator. Murat seems interested in everything regarding the investigation. He is said to consult internet sites of a sexual nature, but no more details are known. British profilers start working on him and seem interested.

51 - Murat is watched. The rental of a car is investigated and the villa and cars are searched. Jane Tanner incriminates Murat. No signs of Madeleine. Murat's clothes and other objects are collected to be analysed.

52 - Murat made an arguido, declines lawyer. Answers all questions. The question of the phone calls between Murat, Malinka and Michaela is investigated. Apparently the three met on the 2nd May because of the internet site.

53 - Several suspicions arise regarding Murat, Michaela, Malinka and Luís António. They are all investigated. No signs of Madeleine anywhere. After a pseudo friend of Murat from teenage times incriminates him for bestiality and other stange behaviours British profilers say that there's a 90% chance that Murat is Madeleine's abductor. The 'pseudo friend' apparently has a long criminal record and the PJ was not very convinced by his statement.

54 - Suddenly, on the 16th May, some friends of the McCanns remember seeing Murat on the scene that night close to the apartment. GNR officers said that they only saw him the next morning when he offered to translate. Rachel, Fiona, Russel and Murat are put face to face. The Tapas say Murat was there. Murat says they're lying. The Tapas say that they will come back to Portugal if needed.

55 - The Smiths see a man carrying a child wearing pink or white pyjamas and no shoes. The child has got medium/long blonde hair. The man is between 30-35, is thin but fit and wears light trousers. Mr Smith contacts the Irish Police and tells them about that. He states the man is not Murat but the girl was most likely Madeleine.

56 - The Payne incident, regarding sexual gestures, is described. The statement was given to the British police 13 days after Madeleine went missing but was only sent to the PJ by the end of October after Amaral left.

Payne's visit to apartment 5A on the 3rd of May: Gerry said Payne stayed 30 minutes, Kate said it was 30 seconds. The reasons for the visit and number of visitors also have different versions. Yvone, with experience in children matters, gets to talk to the McCanns and asks several questions which annoy Kate who believes the police should be asking the questions not Yvone. Kate also says that a couple took her child and cries a lot. The McCanns refuse Yvone's help after contradicting themselves more.

57 - The room seems too tidied up and too cold. Everything in the right place. No signs of an abductor who would have needed to use something to get out of the window. No footprints anywhere, nothing. Suspicions of an intentional modification of the crime scene. According to Kate, Cudle Cat was close to the pillow when she found Madeleine missing. The bed sheets of the twins' cots were not there.

58 - The Tapas wrote two lists which are on the files with the times of the checking until the alarm was raised. Inconsistencies in those two lists also. As soon as the alarm is raised, everyone rushed and entered the apartment but Dianne Webster stays for some minutes.

59 - The two different lists prove that the checking timelines were discussed. In order to escape the neglect accusations, the checking times were so close that they made the abduction virtually impossible. Mathew was supposed to have twice passed close to the window through which Madeleine had already been taken and yet fails to see the window wide open, although his mission was to check if everything was ok with the kids.

60 - Both police forces discuss the huge amount of inconsistencies.

61 - Jane also never mentioned the window completely opened.

62 - How could Kate leave the twins alone again with a window supposedly open with an abductor close by?

In the beginning of June, Kate starts taking about the possibility of Madeleine's death and about contacts made by psychics who claimed they knew where Madeleine's body was. Mr Amaral said that it almost seemed like Kate could soon say where Madeleine's body was even if in an indirect way.

63 - The McCanns ask for Mr Krugel, the South African body-finder to come to PDL. Both police forces thought the idea was a bit ridiculous but didn't want to be accused of not doing everything. The couple would now admit that Madeleine could be dead unlike what they were publicly, and still are, claiming. The area where Krugel said Madeleine's body would be had already been searched by GNR and their dogs but it was searched again. Nothing was found.

64 - Amaral describes a case he investigated where a 3-year old was beaten to death by her father. He describes what a police officer but also a father feels in such a situation and discusses the possible motive, generally speaking, which may lead people to hide a body.

65 - Amaral also underlines the difficulty in investigating cases of missing people and cases with no body. The British specialist dogs are suggested and they come to PDL. As we all know, they detect death scent and blood.

66 - Mark Harrison analyses the whole file, visits PDL on foot and in an helicopter and writes a report in which he states that Madeleine is most likely dead and her body most likely hidden in PDL. He also praises the PJ for all the work and efforts to try and find Madeleine alive but thinks it is now time to do different searches, the searches needed to find a body.

67 - It was now time to investigate parents and friends in a more serious manner. The impressive record of Eddie and Keela is described.

68 - The dogs are taken to apartment 5A and, as we know, detect death scent and blood, Around 10:00 pm Gerry is seen by the investigators driving around. Nothing was detected by the dogs in any of the other apartments. The history of apartment 5A was checked because another person could have died there before. No one did which was sadly revealing. The death scent dog was taken to the field. Nothing was found. The police were now sure the biggest mistake was not to tap the Tapas' phones and not to follow them closely. A judge refuses the request for the phones to be tapped. The villa where the McCanns were now staying was searched by the dogs. The dog detects death scent on Cuddle Cat.

69 - Nothing is found in Murat's villa. But the garden is so badly dug that it is found the house was built on the top of an ancient roman village. The cars are checked. The dog only reacts on the car hired by the McCanns. After Amaral left the investigation, he came to know that a witness, a Portuguese woman, stated that in the days before the cars were checked the trunk of the car was left open which family explained was because of soiled nappies and beef fluid that was spilled in the car after they went shopping once

70 - Mr Amaral tells us that the decision to send the blood and hair to FSS in the UK was because it was a renowned laboratory and because if they were analysed in Portugal or elsewhere, the PJ feared some would say the results had been messed with to incriminate the arguidos in case the results were clear. The most likely possibility is that Madeleine apparently died near the sofa.

71 - Mr Amaral said that the assessment of the house showed two different realities. Kate seemed in mourning. Several pictures from Madeleine, rosaries, saints and a bible marked on Samuel's Book, Chapter 12, about the death of a child. Gerry's 'part' of the space was colder. Gerry seemed to have been reading The Interpretation of Crime from Jed Rubenfeld, Spirit Messenger by Gordon Smith and Will to Live by Lance Armstrong. Besides that, there were also several CEOP books which are only for police work, which startled Mark Harrison.

72 - The first results start to arrive. The blood found in the car has a 50% match with Gerry coming, most likely, from an offspring. Then, one of the samples comes back as a weak match to Madeleine, in spite of all the markers in the sample being a match, many markers were missing. The second sample, however, had a 15 out of 19 marker match to Madeleine's DNA profile. Another preliminary report is sent that contradicts the first findings. For example, regarding the trunk sample there is, this time, no mention about the 15 components of Madeleine's DNA profile, like they never existed. Stuart Prior then calls FSS asking if they thought the Portuguese were idiots. He was heard saying that in the UK he had arrested people for less.

73 - As for the hair, apparently nothing came of it. The PJ wanted to know if they came from a living person or a dead one. FSS said they could not answer that question. British officers suggested sending the hairs to other labs in Europe but FSS apparently didn't want to lose/ give the hairs back.

The only fingerprints found on the window belonged to Kate. Because of the position of the hand it's more than likely that they got there when Kate opened that window, whenever that happened.

74 - The time of the questioning of the McCanns is close and Stuart Prior seems nervous. The PJ also wished to re-question the whole group. Very little info on the McCanns arrives regarding their financial situation. According to UK authorities the McCanns have no credit card or ATM cards. However, the flights had been paid with credit cards so the PJ knew they had them.

75 - Mr Amaral says that if the McCanns were in any way responsible for what happened to Madeleine then the fund would be a fraud. As the fund was set up in England it would have to be investigated by the British police.

76 - The McCanns were informed about the re-questioning and that they would be made arguidos, even for their own protection. Kate replied asking what would her parents and the press think and say.

77 - Kate's re-questioning was interrupted from 8pm till 10pm for all involved to rest and have dinner. As soon as she is made an arguida, Kate shuts up. Gerry is made an arguido, answers his questions and denies any involvment. The McCanns go back to England and when they arrive and go down the plane's steps Mr Smith in Ireland regonises Gerry as the man he had seen carrying a child on that night. He contacts the police but when his return to Portugal is being taken care of Mr Amaral is removed from the investigation. Afterwards, the next person in charge of the case decides that Mr Smith can be interviewed in his country through a rogatory letter. (This never happened).

78 - Mr Amaral discusses the fact that he was removed from the case. Portual seemed to have succumbed to the pressure. The information on the McCanns and other Tapas never arrived. Amaral says that both police forces agreed on the path the investigation took but that after the McCanns left all British police officers left too. So, were they here to help with the invstigation or were they here because of the McCanns. Find the body and prove we did it is also mentioned as well as the McCanns need to discredit the dogs.

Along the way Mr Amaral neighbour's house is broken into and some documents are stolen. The hasty answer to the journalist, which was used to remove him from the case is also mentioned. Amaral says that he knew immediately it had been a mistake but that he never knew how serious it would be because his words were greatly exagerated. Amaral is removed on his birthday and later he knows that Gordon Brown apparently called Stuart Prior to ask him if the man in charge of the investigation had really been removed.

79 - May 2008. Amaral shares a meal with his colleague Tavares Rodrigues. The Madeleine case comes up and both comment on the fact that their case is all on the files and nothing can change that.


- Madeleine McCanns died in aprtment 5A on May the 3rd 2007.

- There was a simulation/fake of an abduction.

- Kate and Gerry are suspects in the involvement of the disposal of their daughter's body.

- Madeleine's death may have been caused by a tragic accident.

- There is evidence of negligence regarding the guard and security of the children.

Then, Amaral says they did the best they could and worked hard to find out the truth. The truth which is the only thing that really matters in a universe which makes the truth of the lie more and more common.

Above summary courtesy of Nige at the McCannfiles

by Joana Morais

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Richard D. Hall: 'When Madeleine Died?'
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Prime Minister introduces Prime Suspect to Royalty

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