FSS and DNA revisited

This is a post by 'beachy' on The 3 Arguidos - 'Beachy' is a former police officer.

Thanks to Joana Morais and Lilemor for alerting us to its existence, I located the actual PDF file on the FBI's forensic examination in the Caylee Anthony case (http://www.wftv.com/download/2008/1024/17794795.pdf) and read it. This is what jumped out at me:

"Results of examinations:

A Caucasian head hair found in specimen Q12 exhibits characteristics of APPARENT DECOMPOSITION [emphasis mine] at the proximal (root) end."

Now, before I lose it entirely, which I am definitely about to do, let me say that whilst this has evidentiary value, it is not a smoking gun.

Mitochondrial DNA analysis of another portion of the hair subsequently showed that it contained mitochondrial DNA which could have come from either Caylee Anthony or her mother, Casey. But Casey is sitting in jail in Orlando and isn't in a state of "apparent decomposition," is she? (Though she could be before too much longer, as she's been charged with first-degree, capital murder, and Florida is one of the states in America which does not mess around when it comes to executions.)

Caylee disappeared in mid-June. Casey's car was found abandoned in late June, approximately 15 days later. Gestalt, I love you, you've provided us with a lot of valuable information, but the situation with the hair in this case shows that it does NOT take 90 days or more for "corpse hairs" to show signs of decomposition, as you've told us. The article I've quoted again and again from timesonline in which Dr. Michael Baden says that changes indicating that a particular hair came from a corpse can show up as little as 5 days after death was correct. 15 days was long enough for it to show up in Caylee Anthony's hair found in her mum's car. 25 days certainly should have been long enough for signs of decomposition to appear in the hairs found in the back of the McCanns' hire car.

WHY IN HELL ISN'T THERE ANYTHING ANYWHERE - IN THE PJ REPORT, IN THE FSS REPORT, ANYWHERE TO INDICATE WHETHER THE HAIRS FOUND IN THE MCCANN'S HIRE CARE WERE CHECKED FOR SIGNS OF DECOMPOSITION? In the Caylee Anthony case they had one hair. ONE HAIR. And they checked it and found signs of decomposition AND mitochondrial DNA proving it could have come from Caylee. I don't know whether or not hairs were found in the McCanns' hire car in anything like the amount that press reports initially indicated, but they had more than one. Where is it? Was it checked for signs of decomposition? If not, why not? If it was, where's the report? The FSS supposedly determined that hair found in the McCanns' hire car contained Kate's (and also, therefore, Madeleine's DNA). They shouldn't have had to destroy a mass of hair to do that. Testing for mitochondrial DNA is not rocket science. A good university laboratory should be able to do it with a single hair, much less the most vaunted laboratory on the planet. SO WHERE IS THE REST OF THE HAIR, FSS?

There is no excuse for this. NONE. Every single hair found in the hire car should have been checked for (1) signs of decomposition; and (2) mitochondrial DNA. And if they determined that "corpse hairs" from a person with mtDNA identical to Madeleine's were found in that car, in my opinion the McCanns should have been ordered back to Portugal and thrown in the slammer whilst additional investigation was carried out.

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