Drs McCann and the Cipriano case: "The United Kingdom would definitely enjoy that the Inspectors were convicted."

By Lawyer José Maria Martins

The Lawyers Order has made a wrong decision in becoming assistant in the Process of Leonor Cipriano.

Those who have a minimum of experience regarding the actuation of the Judiciary Police do not believe that the inspectors would ever aggress Leonor Cipriano causing her the haematomas showed in the photographs.

This process seems to be a deliberately staged encenation to attack the Portuguese Police, to attack the Portuguese Justice.

If the Inspectors were to be convicted, Portugal would be denigrated at all levels.

Greater evilness only the one done by the US troops in Iraq and in Guantanamo.

Greater evilness, the one executed by Napoleon troops, who in Portugal, killed, raped, stole, going to the point of in just one afternoon killing more than 2 thousand persons in the City of Évora alone!

The Lawyers Order should keep the necessary equidistance in order to not compromise the Portuguese Lawyers in this adventure of indicating a lawyer to help the Defense of Leonor Cipriano.

Nevertheless, I would accept that the Lawyers Order collaborated in the investigation regarding the destiny of the small child, Joana, who disappeared and is dead.

The head of the bar does not have my support in this matter. Quite the opposite, it is my belief that Dr. Marinho Pinto has done a disservice to Law - another one, another service - using the Order of Lawyers.

I am sure, since a long time, that the PJ inspectors will be absolved and that the Order will came out fragilized.

The Masonry and the United Kingdom would definetely enjoy that the Inspectors were convicted.

What a present for Gordon Brown!

There it would run throughout the World the news that the investigators of the Portuguese PJ, those who "annoyed" Maddie parents, after all weren't cops but TORTURERS!!!

Not even in Burundi this would be acceptable!

Source: Dr. José Maria Martins
Translated by: Joana Morais
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