Dr Gerry McCann: "Within the bounds of responsible parenting"

Let's suppose Maddie and her two-year-old twin siblings had been left with a babysitter, or one of the Ocean Club's nannies, that fateful night.

Let's suppose the babysitter decided to pop out for 30 minutes to get a bottle of wine and a takeway.

Let's suppose that when the babysitter returned she found Maddie had been abducted.

The babysitter ran to the Tapas Bar to raise the alarm, again leaving the twins unattended.


Is it really feasible that Kate and Gerry would:

Invite approximately 20 people into the apartment to contaminate the crime scene?
Tear Maddie's book to write a timeline for the babysitter?
Get someone to phone Sky News before the police?
Go jogging?
Wash the curtains?
Wash Cuddlecat?
Leave the twins in the creche again when there was an 'abductor' around?
Be photographed smiling and smirking?

Let's imagine a different scenario - that the babysitter returned to find Maddie dead behind the sofa:

Is it really feasible that Kate and Gerry would:

Try to jemmy the window?
Clean the apartment?
Move the sofa?
Possibly dump a fridge?
Frame an innocent man?
Make excuses for the evidence found?
Rubbish the sniffer dogs?
Refuse to answer the PJ's 48 questions?
Refuse to take part in a reconstruction?
Flee Portugal?
Not demand that the investigation remain opened?
Not make a formal request to the British police to investigate?


I'm sure that if Maddie died whilst in the care of a babysitter they wouldn't be so keen to say her actions were "within the bounds of responsible babysitting."

I also wonder if the McCanns would be happy for the babysitter to carry on working with children, or whether they would have demanded she be removed from her job, as Gonçalo Amaral was removed from the investigation?


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