Dr Cole, Glenfield Hospital: All appropriate measures taken to ensure public and patients not put at any additional risk

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Dear Sir

I wish to refer to you the matter of two registered doctors who have had serious allegations made against them in sworn statements to the Leicestershire Constabulary. The doctors in question are Dr Gerry McCann of Glenfield Hospital and Dr David Payne of Leicester Royal Infirmary.

Regarding Dr Gerry Mccann:

You will be aware that the Portuguese Police used two British sniffer dogs to search for his daughter, Madeleine McCann and they detected blood and the scent of death in the McCanns holiday apartment - namely, under some floor tiles, on the wall and behind the sofa, in an area by the McCanns wardrobe, on Kate and Madeleine's clothes, on Kate's bible, and in the boot of the car they hired 23 days later. Given that the Portuguese Police believe Madeleine died in the McCanns apartment must mean that the Fund they created to search for Madeleine is fraudulent. You will be aware that this public money was given in good faith by pensioners and school children to aid the search for Madeleine before it became public knowledge that Madeleine is believed to be dead. You will also know that the McCanns have used this public money to pay their mortgage. Please can you explain why UHL continues to have a direct link to the McCanns website where members of the public are invited to donate to a fraudulent fund?

You will also be aware that Dr Gerry McCann was made 'arguido' (official suspect) in the disappearance of his own daughter due to the evidence of the two British sniffer dogs and the DNA that was collected at the crime scene which confirmed that no abduction had taken place and that it had been staged. Please can you tell me why Dr Gerry McCann is allowed to continue to work within the NHS given that he is a suspect in the death of his daughter, the concealment of her body, the staging of an abduction, the framing of an innocent man, Robert Murat, and the creation of a fraudulent fund. You will know that, despite these very serious allegatios, the case has been shelved pending further evidence, but this does not mean the McCanns have been cleared of any involvement as the case can be re-opened at any time.

Regarding Dr Gerry McCann and Dr David Payne:

You will also be aware that a social worker named Yvonne Warren Martin and 2 doctors gave sworn witness statements to the Leicestershire Police which stated that they witnessed 'lewd and inappropriate' gestures between Gerry McCann and David Payne regarding David Payne's daughter and Madeleine McCann, on two separate occasions.

Please can you confirm that you checked this with Leicestershire Constabularly and can reassure members of the public that the NHS is not permitting two potential paedophiles to continue to work at UHL. You will know that under the Portuguese Judicial system that a lifting of secrecy allowed details of the investigation to be released to the general public. I believe that serious allegations such as these against practising doctors should be investigated by both the NHS and the General Medical Council, which is why I am writing to you. As far as I am aware, the Leicestershire Police have not made public the results of their investigation following the witness statements. I am sure that both the NHS and the General Medical Council would wish to satisfy themselves that the matter has been thoroughly investigated and that the two parties would ensure that the correct action was taken as a result.

There is a significant public interest in this case, not least because Dr McCann and Dr Payne are employees of the NHS. It is therefore important that the public can be assured that both the NHS and the GMC have fulfilled their obligations to uphold the high standards that the public expect of them. In this respect I believe that the two institutions should confirm that this matter has been dealt with appropriately.

I have previously directed my complaint to Mark Wightman, the Director of Communications at UHL, but he failed to give a satisfactory reply saying only that he will continue to support the McCanns. I feel this is wrong given the nature of the serious allegations which involves the death of a child, suspicion of paedophilic gestures witnessed by two doctors, and fraud.

In closure, I would quote the Chief Medical Officer, Sir Liam Donaldson. "I represent the Government, for which I work, the medical profession, which I try to listen to, and the public. My moral principle is that if ever there is a conflict it is the public who wins."

I would be very grateful to receive your prompt response to this complaint.

Jill Havern

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