What happened and who did it?

WHAT happened and WHO did it ?

1. murder (drowned in bathtub, using a weapon like knife, furniture...)
-- kate
-- gerry
-- some tapas/friend

2. accidental death (lashing out or similar..)
-- kate
-- gerry
-- some tapas/friend
-- the twins

3. other accidental death
-- due to sedation
-- self-inflicted while she was (just) alone
-- medical experiment went wrong

4. sexual assault causing death
-- kate
-- gerry
-- some tapas/friend

5. abduction - with involvement of
-- parents (maybe it went wrong, see logicman...)
-- some tapas/friend
-- stranger(s)

6. others
-- shes still alive somewhere (with parents/tapas involvement)
-- shes still alive somewhere (no parents/tapas involvement)
-- she never made it to portugal
-- she never existed

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Gerry said he wasn't there to enjoy himself - what was he there for then?
Speed and professionalism of the Fund/website being set up, smacks of pre-planning
2006 seen on website when Maddie went missing in 2007
Naming Fund after a police forensic manual "No stone unturned"
John McCann gave up well-paid job despite having house, wife and kids to support
Trademark, marketing ploy
Twins left in unlocked apartment after Kate raised alarm
Twins left in creche during aftermath while they went fundraising
Smiling and smirking, no real tears
Whoever Madeleine's with she'll be giving them her tuppenceworth
Well it was our holiday too
Staged walks, jogging, globetrotting, not searching
Gerry planning events months ahead
No evidence of abduction
No jemmied window
Lies and inconsistencies, changing statements/stories
Tearing Maddie's book to write timeline before police arrived
Deleting text messages
Gerry having presence of mind to update his Friends Reunited profile to remove babysitting reference
Washing Cuddlecat and using it as a prop for staged photoshoots then dumping it once back in the UK
Framing Robert Murat
The Wider Agenda flipchart
The excessive mileage on the hire car
Blood on walls
Cadaver scent in apartment and car
David Payne and Gerry's alleged 'paedophilic' conversation
David Payne's alleged 'bathtime' visit
Jon Corner's strange remark about Maddie's special quality and charisma
Ward of Court
Question 41: Is it true that in England you considered giving up Madeleine's guardianship
Claiming to be devout Catholics which was denied by Kate's mother
Sedatives mystery
Not requesting the re-opening of the case before the deadline today.