The Sun newspaper rubbishes British sniffer dogs, Eddie and Keela, despite their 100% success track record

The Sun newspaper's view of Eddie and Keela's work: A clear example of useless journalistic reporting in the UK. What they are basically saying is that the dogs are barking mad and the cops are bungling - yet at the heart of this obscene case is a little girl called Maddie who the British media, police and government are refusing to help obtain justice for.

The British media, and our police and government, aswell as Maddie's own parents, have blood on their hands - Maddie's blood. Shameful.


Published: Today

THESE were the scenes as two police sniffer dogs investigated the disappearance of little Madeleine McCann — and left her shell-shocked parents wrongly in the frame.

The hounds’ findings persuaded bungling Portuguese cops to name doctors Kate and Gerry as official suspects in the mystery.

Now video footage obtained by The Sun — and revealed for the first time today — lays bare the flimsy evidence used to build the case against them.

The 2½-hour film, shot on a police camcorder, chronicles the work of two specially-trained British sniffer dogs.

It details the moments when the springer spaniels apparently detected:

The scent of a dead body in the McCanns’ rented Renault Scenic, hired 25 days after Maddie vanished shortly before her fourth birthday in May 2007

An aroma of blood in a bedroom cupboard in the family’s Praia da Luz holiday apartment, and

A smell of death on Kate’s clothes.

Dog handler and ex-PC Martin Grimes is seen working with the dogs, named Keela and Eddie, while Portuguese detectives look on.

He remarks on camera that Keela will detect “very old” blood. Yet local cops quickly leapt on the findings.

The Sun's Headline last year
'the world's best sniffer dogs'
- The Sun, 23 May 2007

Seems they are retracting this statement now

“The Attorney General does not say that they are innocent”

The archiving of the process “is not a declaration of innocence” about Maddie’s parents, Gonçalo Amaral reminded the CM yesterday. “The Attorney General’s Office does not say that they are innocent” and the former senior officer from the Judiciária in the case investigation, who was convinced of Kate and Gerry’s guilt since the beginning, for covering up the death, expects it “to be reopened at any moment”. The now retired coordinator knows what the PJ lacked to solve the crime, but points towards the clues in his book, ‘Maddie – The Truth about the Lie’, which is to be presented on Thursday.

For now, all the loose ends in this investigation remain unanswered. The irremediable contradictions in the deposition made within the group; an Irish tourist and his family who guarantee with a certainty of 80 percent that they saw Gerry on his way to the beach, carrying a child, on the evening of the crime; dogs that were specially trained by the British police that detected the presence of blood and cadaver odour in the apartment, in the car and even on Kate’s clothes; the British couple who described to the police the suspicious behaviour that they detected in conversations between Gerry and David Payne, members of the group, and which indicated sex with minors. Maddie was mentioned.


"It is not a declaration of innocence" - Gonçalo Amaral, in Correio da Manhã

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Government interference in Madeleine case

VIDEO: How the FSS in UK conveniently buggered up the DNA which results in comments like "bungling Portuguese police" from shit 'fish and chip wrapping' newspapers like The Sun

Damning Film of Cadaver Dog Eddie and Blood Dog Keela in McCann's Apartment and Car - The McCann Gallery

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Eddie video available on the SUN

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Here's an excellent post by 'Curious' on The 3 Arguido's: link

"The dog is trained to detect the odour of a decomposing body"

Forget for a moment that the dogs are trained to find cadavers/blood etc ....

imagine that the dogs are trained to find live humans they do for
earthquakes mudslides etc..... now imagine that the dogs are now looking for a
live human in the basement car park....

you are the parents of the "live human" they are trying to find....

you watch as the dogs exhibit signs of "detection"...they are only trained to find "live humans"..... they bark and scratch at a certain point...

imagine you now have a choice to make ...

do you ignore the training and the dogs positive display and walk away saying "hmm they were barking but there's probably no one there".....

or are you convinced that the person you're looking for is there and alive waiting to be discovered /released....

the conclusion is that the dogs are credible.

imagine instead of detecting humans the dogs were trained to find drugs or weapons....

the dogs indicate that they sense something within the area of the car being examined....

you are trained police...
would you ignore the dogs exhibition and walk away from the car empty handed without having checked the car.....

or would you use the dogs training as a guide to seaching the car ........

the conclusion has to be that the dogs training is credible.

imagine that you have trained the dogs to detect humans hidden amongst goods and wares etc within containers or lorries ...people smuggling....

the dogs walk around the truck and begin you ignore the signs displayed by the dogs and check the truck or do you presume that the dogs are "rubbish at their job" and so walk away from the truck assurred despite not checking that the truck is empty....

the conclusion is that the dogs training is credible...

the british dogs brought over to detect any trace of cadaver and blood scents around the mccanns apartment and hired car displayed signs that they had detected the scents for which they had been trained to do.....

and yet whereas in all other circumstances the dogs would be headline news for their achievements in this circumstance the british press scoff at the idea of these dogs being able to "do what they're trained to do"

as if."

PeterMac's Free e-book: What really happened to Madeleine McCann?

Gonçalo Amaral's 'Maddie: Truth of the Lie

Richard D. Hall: 'When Madeleine Died?'

Richard D. Hall: 'When Madeleine Died?'
Please click on image to view all three Madeleine films

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Prime Minister introduces Prime Suspect to Royalty

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