"Sniffer dogs have a high failure rate", says Gerry McCann

"Sniffer dogs have a high failure rate", according to cardiologist Gerry McCann, who allegedly lost his three year old daughter when he left her, and her two year old twin siblings, alone in an unlocked apartment to go out for the evening with a group of seven other NHS doctors (who also left their children and babies unattended).

In an interview with the Portuguese weekly Expresso, when asked to comment about Eddie and Keela searches at Praia da Luz, Gerry said that a study made in USA proved that those dogs were not reliable.

Sniffer dogs were tested, according to Gerry McCann, with boxes containing vegetables, bones, garbage and some human remains. For ten hours, four sets of boxes were left in ten rooms. After the boxes were removed, the dogs were called in and “failed in two thirds of the cases”, said the father of Madeleine McCann.

Eddie and Keela handler, Martin Grimes, in a statement that is in the DVD files of the investigation of Madeleine’s disappearance, says that the dogs have been used in around 200 cases and never gave a “false alert”.

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