Rosie pops some questions at Gonçalo

Here's a website by someone called 'Rosiepops' putting questions to Gonçalo Amaral. I scrolled to the bottom of the site to see how many questions there were and saw question 157:

157. How humane did you think it was to leave two panicked and distraught parents who could not speak the language alone in a foreign country, while the Golden Abduction hours ticked by?


I wonder how humane Rosiepops thought it was to leave three young children, who could not speak the language, alone in an unlocked apartment in a foreign country while the Golden Couple went off for dinner and the hours ticked by? Call me old fashioned, but I don't understand why people are so concerned about how Kate and Gerry feel when they clearly gave no thought to the feelings or safety of Maddie and the twins. At least Kate and Gerry are still alive to sell their story.