The presence of Inspector Stuart Prior of Leicestershire Constabularly, in Portugal, was to avoid the imprisonment of the McCanns

The only fingerprints that were found were Kate Healy’s. The direction and position of the fingers was pointing to opening it to the left, just as Kate Healy stated: « the window was totally opened to the left», just as well as the nannie from the Ocean Club that went there after the disappearance alarm was given:«the window was partially opened to the left».

There is no doubt that someone opened that window on May the 3rd, but on it only Kate Healy’s fingerprints were found. A detail we didn’t want to reveal or discuss with Stuart.

The presence of Stuart Prior, had by that time a very specific goal, to accompany the questionings of the McCann and, eventually, avoid the imprisonment of the same. His preoccupation on that chapter was evident.

Gonçalo Amaral (2008)
Source: Truth of the Lie

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