Philomena McCann (aka Phenomenal McScam) and the Coven of Witches

I notice there's been a few visitors from Brian's Dreams website after someone posted a link to this site for him. His response was "I really wish all the time, effort and money people have put into issues like this were actually used to search for Madeleine."

Well, Brian, you may remember that I actually used to read your site in the early days because, like many people, I really wanted to believe that Maddie was still alive. I emailed you several times and I then decided to take the bull by the horns and send some of the information you were posting on your site to Philomena McCann in the hope that they would unturn a few of those stones they said wouldn't be left unturned.

I received an email from Philomena McCann on 8th June 2007 and, having read the information I provided her from your site, she told me to go back to my coven. Indeed, she said she was "sickened by my attempts to deliberately upset her and her family" with what I thought was helpful information.

"Unlike you I continue to strive to do positive things to try and find my niece" she concluded.

So there you go. That was telling me, wasn't it?

Not wishing to give up the fight for the search for her niece, while Maddie's parents were busy with the celebrity circuit, I emailed her again with some more information from your site and was told: "This persons information was acted upon previously and proved fruitless."

Still not wishing to give up I emailed her again with some more information from your site to which she replied, "If you or even he is so convinced by his 'dream predictions' then go and find her here (here? here as in Portugal or Glasgow?) and claim the reward. The police are inundated with this kind of thing."

You will note that Philomena was getting frustrated with my efforts to help and when she replied she copied the email to Stuart Prior, the Chief Constable of Leicestershire Constabulary - the man who hasn't actually been doing much to help the Portuguese Police with their investigation.

Public prosecutors office was not informed about Leicestershire Police decision

Once the Portuguese Police made Kate and Gerry 'arguido's' when it was reported that the British sniffer dogs, Eddie and Keela, detected blood and the scent of death in the McCanns apartment and car, I emailed Auntie Phil again to register my disgust.

She replied: "Just to let you know that I did in fact ask people to check on the material you sent me...however I am sure that you know it is illegal to hire a detective whilst there is an on-going case in Portugal but never mind! I am sure that time will tell in this case and I am convinced that gerry and Kate will be exonerated of all charges, if any are ever brought. Be assured I will be answering no more of your malicious emails as I have important business to attend to i.e. looking for Madeleine.

Private investigators working at Praia da Luz in May 2007

So, Brian, you will note that I did actually spend some time and effort trying to help the McCanns, using your own information, only to be referred to as a witch and have my emails forwarded to Stuart Prior, presumably because they were construed as 'harassment'!

Just before I lost complete interest in your site, to the point of wanting to jump off something high, and having been informed you were a fraud, you may also remember that you said you were going to Portugal to search for Madeleine McCann yourself and I donated £50 to your fund. Admittedly, you gave me a refund when I asked for it, thank you.

But just out of curiosity, did you ever go, hmmmm?

Or are you merely spending your efforts 'looking for Madeleine' by sitting at your PC like many others are? After all, now that Eddie and Keela have done their work, where is there to look?

Only Kate and Gerry can answer that.


I notice Brian Ladd from 'Brian's Dreams' has told the people on his site that "he knows Madeleine was abducted".
Here's a question, Brian: How do you explain Eddie and Keela's findings?
Please come over here and post a comment on this site so we may understand how you know Madeleine has been abducted when there is no evidence of an abductor and much evidence she is dead, and how you seem to know more than the dogs and police.
Of course it would be wonderful if Madeleine were to be found alive.
In your dreams, Brian.

dogs don't lie

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