Martin Brunt: Sky News: Death of the UK Media

The wife of the Portuguese detective, sacked from the Madeleine McCann investigation, has launched an emotional attack on the missing girl's mother.

It comes after Kate McCann branded Goncalo Amaral "a disgrace" in an interview with Portuguese newspaper Expresso.

Now Mr Amaral's wife Sofia has hit back in an open letter in another paper, Correio, addressing Mrs McCann as "my dear friend Mrs Kate".

Laden with sarcasm, Mrs Amaral begins: "You will forgive my boldness, but after I read your comment (in the Expresso interview) concerning Goncalo Amaral, my husband and the father of my daughters, I cannot avoid sending you these words of gratefulness."

She goes on: "As a coordinator of criminal investigation for the Polícia Judiciária, my husband has always refused to sit around from nine to five in the comfortable chair in his office, as his hierarchical status implies.

"Instead, he spent the day (and very often the night) with the investigators on the terrain, coordinating searches, surveillances, apprehensions and other diligences."

But she says "this dedication" stopped Mr Amaral from being promoted because "he had no time to go to Lisbon to parade himself up and down the corridors of the PJ's Institute".

"A disgrace, madam, a disgrace!" she writes.

Sky's crime correspondent Martin Brunt said: "She clearly feels her husband has been made a real victim. He really has been demonised.

"While some people may have a lot of sympathy for him and may have thought the press treatment here was unfair, he has in his book admitted that mistakes were made.

"Much of the criticism of his failed investigation appears to be justified."

The detective's wife refers in the letter to the case of Joana Cipriani, the young girl who vanished just seven miles from Praia da Luz, in a bid to demonstrate his good nature and dedication.

"Five years ago, a child named Joana 'disappeared'," she writes. "Her mother, just like you, Mrs Kate, tried to project the case into the media."

The girl's mother Leonor and her uncle Joao were jailed for her murder despite her body never being found.

Mrs Amaral says her husband shared a meal with the uncle at Olhao Prison the following Christmas "in memory of Joana".

She goes on: "You should also know that every year, on the 12th of September, my husband has a mass celebrated in memory of Joana Isabel Cipriani Guerreiro. He says that nobody will ever remember the poor little girl again.

"Right, but they remember to unjustly accuse him of actions and crimes that he never committed. Isn't this a disgrace, Mrs Kate?"

She goes on to describe the disruption endured by her family when Mr Amaral "left his own daughters to go looking for a child that he had never met and whose parents had neglected her".

Mrs Amaral adds: "It was a pity that my dear friend Mrs Kate was not around anymore at that date, because you could have been very helpful to me in explaining these 'obvious reasons' that led to their father's dismissal, to our daughters."

She ends the letter: "My dear friend Mrs Kate, without wishing to bother you any further, I would like to request one last favour from you: now that you have started to tell some truths, please continue, and let the world hear the truth that it has been waiting for."

"It's very unusual for the anonymous wife of a policeman to speak out in this way," says Brunt, "She clearly feels he has been very harshly treated.

"Some might feel the form of her attack on Kate McCann is very clever, it's dripping with sarcasm.

"She paints a picture of an over-worked, hard done-by detective that's very different to the image portrayed in the media."


And you, Mr Brunt, paint a very different picture of Kate McCann in the media than is the truth - to the point where you have Maddie's blood on your hands by not allowing the truth to be known.

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