Letter of complaint to University Hospitals Leicester: their support of the McCanns fraudulent fund

Dear Ms Wright

I am wondering when you will be removing all reference to Gerry McCann on your hospital online noticeboard. It is now apparent from the Portuguese police files that the blood and death scent from Madeleine was found in their holiday apartment aswell as on Kate's clothes and bible, behind the sofa and in the corner next to the parents wardrobe - and even on an item of Maddie's clothing and in the spare wheel well of the car they rented out 25 days after Maddie 'went missing'. The Portuguese police say there was no abduction and it would seem that the Fund they started within a week or so of Maddie going missing is fraudulent.

During this time, Gerry McCann was made an arguido which meant he was the prime suspect in his own daughter's disappearance and yet he was allowed to continue to work for the NHS and still does. This in itself is obscene.

Maddie has been made a mockery of by her parents, which is endorsed by University Hospitals Leicester, and I think it is fitting in her memory to remove all the farcical references to releasing balloons of hope because it is extremely upsetting for those who have followed this scam from the beginning to know that people are still trying to pull the wool over our eyes with continued reference to Maddie still being missing when there is evidence she died in their apartment.

The link on your website goes directly to the McCanns website where you are greeted with a Paypal button where people are invited to donate and you will know that the McCanns have used some of this publicly donated money to pay their mortgage.

There is also a link to a direct telephone number to Metodo 3, and you will probably know that one PI on the McCann case is now in jail, convicted of smugglng a large quantity of Cocaine and another in custody charged with Extortion and Attempted Murder.

It is not right that a public service should be linking directly to a fraudulent fund that has been set up by 2 of your doctors - Gerry McCann and Doug Skehan. I have also written to Leicestershire Constabulary as they also link directly to a fraudulent fund, which is unlawful.

I look forward to your response.

Thank you.

Jill Havern

Letter sent to

University Hospitals of Leicester: link to fraudulent Find Madeleine Fund
University Hospitals of Leicester: Press Releases
The Fund
Maddie's Online Store

DOUG SKEHAN: Dr Doug Skehan is a cardiologist at University Hospitals of Leicester and Mrs. Marcelle Skehan (also known as Dr. Morris) is a general practitioner (doctor) in a Coalville practice.