Leicestershire police and CEOP launched appeal for photographs, then never sent them to the Portuguese Police (who media refer to as "bungling cops")

Considering the article below, how can the British media refer to the PJ as "bungling cops" when it is becoming increasingly apparent that the PJ were at the mercy of UK police and the UK government who tried their best to pervert the course of justice for a bunch of child neglecters, and a suspected paedophile, who are free to work within our NHS?

To date, the PJ have not received a single photo as a result of the appeal launched by Leicestershire Police who asked holidaymakers who had stayed in PdL to send copies of any photos taken during the 2 weeks prior to Madeleine McCann's disappearance.

The appeal was launched jointly by Leicestershire Police CEOP and ACPO.

According to a source close to the UK enquiry several hundred photos reached the British authorities, most of which were uploaded to internet pages created specifically for this purpose.

"We will evaluate these images - at a rate of 1,000 frames per hour - so that we can pass on any significant information to the Portuguese authorities in a timely manner", promised Jim Gamble, Head of CEOP.

The official aim of this campaign was, according to Jim Gamble, to move forward the investigation into Madeleine's disappearance, including the use of facial recognition software on images showing any people "who appear out of context or are behaving strangely."

"We wonder what the real purpose of this public appeal was.… We have not had access to these photos," confirmed one of the investigators, who stressed that the only photos received by the PJ had been sent direct by witnesses.

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