Kate McCann gets donation to the Fraudulent Mortgage Fund from NOTW

Very clever, Kate. You're becoming expert at getting donations to the Fraudulent Fund without taking anyone to court. Court is the last place you want to go isn't it? Just as you don't want the investigation to be re-opened.

"Last week we published extracts from Kate McCann’s diaries and explained in the article that we were doing so to “nail the lies” about Kate created by selective leaking from the diaries by Portuguese police.

We published the extracts in the belief held in good faith that we had Kate’s permission to do so. It is now clear that our belief was misplaced, and that in fact Kate neither approved of nor knew that the extracts were to be published.

Upon learning of our error we immediately removed the extracts from our website and we today offer Kate our immediate and sincere apologies. We have agreed to make a donation to be used in the search for Madeleine. The News of the World remains wholly supportive of the McCanns and their continuing campaign to find their daughter."

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