How O J Simpson got away with murder

DNA tests on all five blood drops and on three bloodstains found on the rear gate at the crime scene showed that all of this blood belonged to Simpson. Two DNA tests were used, PCR [ polymerase chain reaction] and RFLP, [restrictive fragment length polymorphism].
The PCR test is less precise than the RFLP, but can be conducted on much smaller blood samples, as well as samples that have that have degenerated or degraded because of bacteria and/ or exposure to the elements.
PCR tests were conducted on four out of the five blood drops. Three showed that only one out of 240,000 people had DNA with the markers found in the sample.
The fourth blood drop had markers which one of 5,200 people could have. Simpson was one of these people.
The fifth blood drop had sufficient markers for an RFLP test, and showed only one out of 170 million people had DNA with those markers. Again Simpson's blood did.
The richest sample showed that only one out of 57 billion people had those markers. Again Simpson's blood did.
In other words, just on the blood evidence alone, there's only a one out of 57 billion chance that Simpson is innocent.
Fifty seven billion is approximately ten times the current population of the entire world.


Short extract from the book 'Outrage, the five reasons why OJ Simpson got away with murder.'
By Vincent Bugliosi
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