Gonçalo Amaral: Suing the McCanns "is a possibility to consider"

Correio da Manhã – How do you react to the McCanns' statement that your behaviour is a disgrace?

Gonçalo Amaral – That happens in the sequence of a campaign, it's normal for that hostility to exist. Concerning that type of accusations, they have to be pondered…

- Does that mean that you consider the possibility of suing the McCanns?

- Yes, it's a possibility to consider.

- How do you interpret the fact that the McCanns devalue the dogs' work?
- It’s a form of defence. To them, we are all incompetent, but that is not how the dogs are seen in the United Kingdom, where they are widely used and with success.

- The McCanns say that the English police are more experienced in abductions…

- They can present a formal complaint about their daughter's abduction to the English police instead of using private detectives.

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