Gonçalo Amaral: "The McCanns are guilty, they abandoned their children"

Is this book a necessity or revenge for having been withdrawn from the case?

It is simply a necessity, to defend the attacks I received during the time that the investigation lasted until they removed me from the case. I wanted to talk then, but I was refused that option.

Are Gerry and Kate McCann guilty?

Yes, because nobody can deny that they abandoned their children, and that also has a punishment.

It takes a lot of coldness to hide the corpse of a child, right?

It is not coldness, it is the need to decide. The father is a surgeon and is accustomed to making decisions in times of stress. That's what he did that night, deciding to remove the body of Madeleine.

Where is Madeleine?

We may never know what. Most likely, thrown out to sea.


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