Gerry McCann: "My plan was to stay quiet and not answer"

More than £1 million has been spent hunting for missing Madeleine McCann, her parents have revealed.

Kate and Gerry McCann said that in less than a year the Find Madeleine fund had paid £1 million to Spain's Metodo 3 detective agency to search for her.

And the pair told the Daily Mirror they will spend whatever it takes to uncover the truth.

Mrs McCann, 40, told the newspaper: "We can't set a limit. A child does not have a price. We will pay what we have to. It just takes one person to make the one phone call we so hope for. We know she was abducted and believe someone knows or suspects something.

"We want to find her alive. But if she is dead we want to know. There's nothing in the police report that indicates anything bad has happened to her."

The two doctors, from Rothley, Leicestershire, also spoke of their bitterness at having ever been made suspects in the case.

Mrs McCann strongly condemned detective Goncalo Amaral, who led the hunt and later wrote a book on the case, labelling his behaviour "a disgrace".

Mr McCann, 40, said: "We were investigated in the most intimate detail. My plan was to stay quiet and not answer. But the first question was, 'Are you involved in the disappearance of your daughter?' It was nonsense and I decided to respond."

Mr McCann again expressed his anguish at leaving Madeleine alone with twins Sean and Amelie as they went for dinner in Portugal's Praia da Luz resort.

But he said the couple were "not negligent" but "profoundly regret" what happened.

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10 questions for Kate and Gerry:

1. What has the £1million really been spent on, other than your mortgage, considering that Maddie died in your apartment and didn't need looking for by anyone other than the Portuguese police who you failed to help by contaminating the crime scene, concealing Maddie's body, "planning to keep quiet" and not answering the 48 questions that would have helped the investigation?

2. Kate, if it only takes one person to make one phone call, why don't you pick up the phone and call the PJ and tell them where Maddie is so that your daughter can have justice and dignity?

3. We all know that any child does not have a price - or shouldn't - yet you only have to look at my Postcode Lottery blog to know that NHS doctors do, indeed, put a price on peoples' lives.

4. You keep saying you know she was abducted, yet you've seen the videos where Eddie and Keela detected blood and cadaver in your apartment and your car and it would seem the only reason you keep saying Maddie was abducted is so that donations still roll in to the fraudulent fund which you don't seem to be using to find Maddie.

5. "There's nothing in the police report that indicates anything bad has happened to her." The police files indicate blood spray on the walls and cadaver scent behind the sofa - the blood spray alone indicates something bad happened to her. The police files also indicate there was no evidence of an abductor, so the only question really is: who did the something bad to her if it wasn't an abductor? You also keep saying you think she's been taken by a paedophile ring - that, in itself, would suggest something bad would happen to her.

6. You speak of your bitterness at having been made suspects yet with all the evidence from Eddie and Keela, what else were the police supposed to do? A lot of people speak of their bitterness that a little girl (your daughter) is dead and that you are getting away with it with the help from the UK government and police. What is so special about you when people like Karen Matthews is in custody, even though her child was found alive?

7. Kate, you call Gonçalo Amaral's behaviour a disgrace for leading the hunt for your daughter, then writing a book about his findings after Gordon Brown had him removed from the investigation after you pressured him. Do you not think your behaviour has been a disgrace? Gonçalo Amaral's book is called "The Truth of the Lie" - what will your book be called? "The Marketing Ploy"?

8. Gerry: "We were investigated in the most intimate detail. My plan was to stay quiet and not answer." Did you think you wouldn't be investigated in the most intimate detail then? And why would you "plan" to stay quiet and not answer questions that would lead to Maddie being found? Didn't you want her found? Didn't Kate want her found either, as she refused to answer her 48 questions, including the one where she was asked if she'd considered giving up Maddie's guardianship to a relative in 2006?

9. Kate and Gerry, you claim you were not negligent. How can leaving three children alone not be considered to be negligent? By your own admission you say Maddie has been abducted - if the children hadn't been left alone, do you think she wouldn't have been abducted?

10. If you profoundly regret "what happened", why don't you tell the police "what happened"? Only Eddie and Keela seem to know that something happened.

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