Fiona Philips: "I have no idea how she's (Kate McCann) managed to cope

Fiona Philips, talking about Kate and Gerry McCann's visit to GMTV, in the recent article entitled "Real victims who reduce me to tears", said:

"Meeting people like that is very humbling," she says.

"They are what have kept me in the job for so long. Just seeing the McCanns made me feel tearful.

"I went in to see Kate while she was in makeup and I could barely find the words. I just said: 'I don't know what to say.' You can actually see the tragedy in their demeanour. They carry it with them wherever they go. They are parents who are grieving and Kate is remarkable. I have no idea how she's managed to cope."


Well, Fiona, let's have a look to see how Kate's coped shall we?

Here's a photograph taken on Maddie's birthday, just 9 days after she was 'abducted' by an alleged paedophile ring.

Here's one of those rare moments when the children weren't in the creche

Happy to have found a 'marketing ploy'
Kate on tour

Shopping with cuddlecat and Maddie's favourite pink toy

An Audience with Kate and Gerry

Kate's reaction when asked about Maddie's question "Mummy, why didn't you come when we were crying last night?"
Opening the money mail

Both Kate and Gerry seem to have coped curiously well. But, the real victim, Maddie, still reduces many other people to tears, even if not her own parents.

article here

And more pics can be seen here:

McCann Family album

McCanns at Playground