FindMadeleine: Earth to AJC

Here's a post from The 3 Arguidos. A member emailed the FindMadeleine site to ask their opinion of Amaral's book and whether they will be suing him in the near future.

This is the reply they received today from someone signing themselves AJC.

Our priority at the moment is to FIND MADELEINE.

We could never hope to stop all the misquotes, inaccuracies and lies of people trying to make money out of the situation.

If you are interested in the truth:

'Is this book a necessity...?'
- He is cashing in.

(And you're not cashing in by having newspapers print your lies, misquotes and inaccuracies? Haven't the McCanns paid their mortgage with public funds that was donated to search for Maddie?)

'nobody can deny that they abandoned their children...'
- Kate and Gerry were inside the hotel complex, within 50m of the flat,
and someone was checking the children approximately every half hour.
That is not 'abandonment'.

(I think you'll find it is child neglect of the worse kind, because Maddie is dead. And if they were checking every half an hour then they would have seen the blood on the wall and Maddie's dead body a few times because for cadaver to develop she would have to be dead for around 2 hours)

'The father is a surgeon...'
- wrong, he can't even get the simplest of facts right. Gerry is a cardiologist.

(While we're on this subject, why is Gerry still allowed to work for the NHS when there is evidence that Maddie is dead thereby making the Fund fraudulent?)

'That's what he did that night, deciding to remove the body of Madeleine.'
- a blatant lie, without a single shred of evidence or proof.

(Eddie and Keela beg to differ)

'Where is Madeleine?'
- WE are still trying to find her, HE is only intersested in making money for himself.

(Eddie and Keela have done their work, so ask Kate and Gerry where Maddie is)