Ex Portuguese police chief claims that Gerry McCann hid the body of Madeleine McCann on the beach

Gonçalo Amaral has given an exclusive interview to the Spanish El Mundo newspaper today.

The ex Director of the Criminal Investigation department of the Police in Portimao, Gonçalo Amaral, who head the team searching for Madeleine McCann, has given an interview in today’s El Mundo newspaper.

The man who was sacked after making the parents suspects in the case claims that Gerry McCann hid Madeleine’s body on the beach, and that the child died from an accident, claiming she could have fallen off the sofa or there could have been an overdose of Capel, a sleeping drug.

The ex Police chief, whose book on the case has sold 120,000 copies in two weeks – a record in Portugal, claims there are many inconsistencies in the case. He says a window which Kate McCann claims was found open when Maddie vanished was in fact always closed, and he speaks of an Irish witness who said he saw Gerry McCann with a girl in his arms walking down to the beach on the night she disappeared. He thinks it possible that she was then dug up and moved in the hire car which the McCann’s rented 23 days later, and where Scotland Yard dogs found DNA remains which could have been from Maddie.

He claims that the nine people who dined together with the McCann’s that night must have agreed to lie in the case.

He also tells the paper that the McCann’s are human, ‘If they admit that Maddie is dead then they cannot collect from a fund of more than a million pounds’.

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